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  1. Hey guys just a quick one to say hi and looking forward to looking around the forum and interacting Cheers Matt
  2. owner of this car

    Does anyone know where he got the taillights from???
  3. Hi guys from North Queensland

    haha ballers lol.... too easy dude if i get some spare time ill swing on in i wanna have a look at the new pioneer dvd headunit sometime so would be good... ill be pretty flat out thought so may not get a chance.. so whens the next drift day at prossy??
  4. Hi guys from North Queensland

    im actually coming down to mackay this week for work... Yeh ill be entering for sure i pick the car up this sat so im keen as.. whens the next drift day?? what colours your 200 dude?? is it a S15??
  5. Hi guys from North Queensland

    oh nice... yeh bowen is mad i love it here how far is mount isa from here??
  6. s15 Standard Bov...

    So Blocking this hole actually ups the boost or just make it come on harder?? sorry sounds abit stupid but im abit puzzled as to what you mean.. im thinking of doing the same thing but dont have a boost controller so i dont want to be running around 20 psi all the time if thats what it does...
  7. Hi guys from North Queensland

    hey guys im in bowen... where about are yous guys from???
  8. S15 v2 - Now going SR20VET!

    nice buikd dude....what brake lights do u have?? where did you get them??
  9. hey guys just wondering what fuel pump everyone has upgraded to as im about to mine and just after some feedback... Cheers....
  10. Hey guys im aiming for between 250kw - 300kw... Ive heard the bosch clogs up after a few years as it has no sock.. I would like to hear your opinions on this... as for the fuel filter ive heard the ryco one is one of the best.. cheers guys...
  11. 200SX S15 boost problem

    What Fuel filter did you end up putting in it??
  12. Also what fuel filter are you using???
  13. Hi guys This is my first post i was just wondering if anyone knew of a good performance /tuning Garage in North QLD between Mackay and Cairns?? Cheers guys Matt
  14. Hey mate... ok cheers by the way wats ab???
  15. Hey everyone i was just interested to see what size wheels everyone was running and whats the reason you chose that size??
  16. What size wheels do you have and why?

    hahaha dont think so... lol
  17. What size wheels do you have and why?

    you got too much time on ya hands...
  18. What size wheels do you have and why?

    ok cheers guys for some help finally lol... yeh i think ill go 18's.... yeh im not on boostcruising seen there was too many noobs on there years ago...
  19. What size wheels do you have and why?

    Cheers dude all i was asking is what fits....as the tyre mobs will tell you whatever to get a sale and i thought i might get some personal experiences from people on here... im thinking ill just go 17's or 18's
  20. What size wheels do you have and why?

    ok so yas are talking shit righto haha good helps hard to find these days....
  21. What size wheels do you have and why?

    Nice looks mint bro... there some nice wheels
  22. What size wheels do you have and why?

    Would love to see a pic man any chance you could send me any to me inbox??? What brand wheels did ya get???
  23. What size wheels do you have and why?

    Have you dont anything to your suspension or did you just by the 20's and chuck emm straight on??? 20's would look wicked i wreckon
  24. s14 drift build ! blown out buget

    How does the turbo go any lag in low rpm??
  25. What size wheels do you have and why?

    Thanks for the quality response dude its all about info in here which i like...is that what forums are for to discuss our cars Just saying dont do it doesnt help anyone the slitest... im looking at 18's anyway... Cheers DRE20