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  1. Gday guys. I know there is a million posts on this subject and ive been through about 40 of them and i still havent found any answers.. My dash illumination lights are not working including my digital speedo back light... they were working about a year ago. The car has just sat dormat for that time. I decided to work on it and noticed they arent working. But my climate control backlights are comming on and off how they should and my parkers are also working. Plus the warning lights are working on my dash also. Does anyone have an idea what could be causing this i hate electrics. Cheers
  2. HICAS Question?

    So removing all the hicas gear and lines then just putting a normal power steer pump on will work fine? There wont be any leaks anywhere? (I haven't really looked at the hicas power steering lines) So removing all the hicas gear and lines then just putting a normal power steer pump on will work fine? There wont be any leaks anywhere? (I haven't really looked at the hicas power steering lines)
  3. HICAS Question?

    i have deleted the hicas on my car except for all the pipes on the front sub frame, my question is, is the hicas pipes through the engine bay and the steering column separate to the standard power steering lines? cheers, car is a s13/180sx sr20
  4. 180sx sr20 yellow jacket igniter!

    Gday guys. Has any body used a yellow jacket igniter before For a sr20 red top.. Are they anygood? What power did you reach with it? Where can i find other branded ones?? Cheers guys!!
  5. 180sx electrical problems

    Lol i can safely say i didnt run a negative from the boot
  6. 180sx electrical problems

    i went through and checked all the earths made sure the were all mickey mouse, no rust or corrosion, im using the standard earth cables that came with the car, there pretty decent, where should i connect the earth to on the engine block? cheers
  7. 180sx electrical problems

    hi there, ive been undertaking a build on my car for awhile now. and its at the point where its time to get it to kick over, but ive had a bit of bad luck with it. battery is now in the boot and im running some decent guage cable to a post in the engine bay, and everything now runs off it, like it used to off the battery, my starter motor is clicking like a million times a second its going very quick, im not sure if its a power problem to it or if its a earth problem, i put a jumper pack just on the postive post on the starter motor and when i turned the ingition on to crank it started cranking but very slow, put the positive cable back on thats apart of the loom and starts clicking very fast again. ok earth locations in the engine bay whats the best place for them i have to two thick earth cables, i have a aftermarket intake manifold do i just earth it anywhere on the manifold and straight to the body? where's the best place for the other earth? ive gone through and cleaned up all the terminals and all the posts and the body and the bolts, any help will be awesome, electrics arent my game at all.
  8. there shouldnt be anything connected to the side of the isolator when they batter cable comes in from the battery, point of a isolator is to cut everything off form the battery
  9. Scotty's White Knight Build..

    as you can also tell, i also dropped the engine in, i also received my new hypergear turbo went for the ATR28SS1.5 spoke alot to stao from hypergear and after a few weeks we worked out what would be the best turbo for my current needs as i need to make good power very low in the rev range, you also carnt beat the price and support for these range of turbos, so far im happy with my choice.
  10. Scotty's White Knight Build..

    Been a busy few weeks, Organised and picked up my clutch kit decided to go for a unsprung twin plate ceramic clutch with a 1100kg clamp load, will be good for quite a bit of power got it from western brake and clutch spent over an hour with them chatting about different options and what will work best for my application, and they got it in next day for me plus they inspected and repaired my clutch fork and supplied new carrier bearing and spiggot bush. i can safely say when removing the old spiggot bush always use a big hammer. whole kit weighed in just under 12kgs and the flywheel weighs about 5kg .
  11. 180sx windscreen wiper motor install

    finally got it on, i ended up taking the back part of the motor off and pressing that into the rod then putting the back part back on took 1 min hahah, thanks everyone for your help
  12. 180sx windscreen wiper motor install

    That sounds like a plan. Ill give it a try when i finish work cheers
  13. 180sx windscreen wiper motor install

    i get the ball sort of in the hole but i carnt put enough force onto the bar to hold it there so it all pops together can the fitting in the bar come out so i can pop it onto the ball then press it all together?
  14. hey guys i tried to re install my 180sx windscreen wiper motor, but for the life of me i carnt get the ball on the back of the motor to click back into the rod for the wipers, i just carnt enough force to hold it still to push them together, any suggestions will be great! cheers
  15. s15 t28 ball bearing turbo for sale

    bump, needs to sell