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  1. hi there just wondering if i am able to convert my jdm s15 sr20de into the 6 speed s15 sr20det box and what parts do i need to change and also if i brought a flywheel and clutch plate to suit a future 20det swap would this fit the de in the mean time my auto is not long left on this earth and i want to do a sr20det swap at some stage just dont have the cash at this point cheers
  2. have found out i do have an aftermarket actuator in the door and it doesnt work so im replacing that and then it should work
  3. New NZ S14 owner

    hi all my names mark and i have nissan silvia s14 pfl and i brought the cheapest one i could find so its Black non turbo auto but the reason i did this is because ive always wanted to buy one and put a RB25det in it also i will be converting it to facelift so far im loving it and hopefully i will enjoy it for years to come sorry dont have any pictures of it yet as its in bit atm installing an alarm
  4. hi there i have a 1995 nissan s14 silvia and i have started installing an m80g moongoose alarm and for the life of me i cant get the central locking working can someone please tell me where/what colours the unlock and lock wires are as i have tried and tried and just cannot get it working everything else works fine just not the locking thanks mark