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  1. Hi all, I have for sale a set of brand new 20v camshafts. They are the best OEM choice for a turbo VVL build. I bought them brand new for my build but am toying with the idea of going a set of Kelfords instead. These aren't available from Nissan anymore and are getting harder to get. Located in Brisbane - Willing to Post $700 ONO
  2. R200 Diff Ratios

    Hi all! I have done ridiculous amounts of reading and am struggling to get my head around the seemingly infinite number of R200 variants. I am wanting to get a 2-way Kaaz for my Silvia and have no idea what my diff was originally out of and therefore no clue which Kaaz P/N is the correct one to suit my application O.o If someone could shed some light it would be greatly appreciated I have: VLSD R200 4.3:1 5 Bols Shafts