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  1. S15 side mount into s13 CA?

    Legend thanks for this
  2. Okay so after search after search after search I cannot find out whether an s15 smic will fit my ca, I want to put one in as a way to keep the car side mount but increase the cooler size as the car is going in for a tune soon. It's not big power I'm after so any suggestions would be great. I'm looking at 10psi and approx. 150rwkW which isn't crazy. Will an s15 side mount work? Also please don't just suggest front mounts and then have an argument with the entirety of hardtuned about fm vs sm it's all I've bloody read for days
  3. I don't know if this will help but my 180 does something similar not when cold but on the first or second engagement of the clutch. I can normally reverse out the driveway fine as I'm not loading up the clutch heaps but normally my first take off in first produces a fair bit of vibration and then it doesn't happen again, I've always assumed it to be the clutch and have been able to overcome it with a slightly more aggressive throttle chop on that initial take off. I can also replicate it by not riding the clutch enough a few take off's after that. My suggestion is make a few sharper revs as you reverse out the driveway and see if this helps. I've never even thought twice about my problem and normally forget it exists until I read this. As to the cause I'm not sure but I always assumed it was just a cold clutch?
  4. Fully Searchable Service Manual PDF's

    Hey thanks heaps man those missing pages are a bitch! Mind if I add your file to my folder? Thanks for the link!
  5. CA18DET side mount options

    Yeah its to keep it low key and standard looking and I guess you could say I'm a fan of keeping it as standard as possible, it's not everyone's cup of tea but I think standard is cool also means I don't have to go hacking stuff up as so far the car is untouched in that sense. I'm only looking at a massively safe 150rwkW for now which I figured is safe enough for a side mount? Looking at 150 on 10psi
  6. CA18DET side mount options

    Hmm, decisions decisions, I did have a thought about the water spray and it may be worth mentioning I have a CA bar with the hole cut from factory that funnels air through the ic, might look into the fan as well, I guess it seems then if I was to go smic an s15 is as good as anything else?
  7. CA18DET side mount options

    I gave it a google but a) there's heaps of marketing and sales pitch bs and secondly half of it is euro us stuff, I'm after both options and advice on what's good, I know there's not many people who have CA's and even less that keep it side mount lol but I'm hoping someone knows of what works and what's good as well as what to steer clear of
  8. As the title suggests I'm after options for my 180's side mount, I don't want to go fmic but am getting a tune soon and the boost and thus heat will be getting too much for the stock side mount. Anyone know of good side mounts for the CA? I've heard s15 smics work? Any good aftrrmarket options?
  9. Do people think 90's jap cars will end up in a similar light to old American muscle cars? I can see Silvias going down in price further in the years to come before in say a decade's time when people start to want to restore them and as opposed to heavily modify them restore them with genuine factory parts and then by 2030ish I can see s13's in perfect factory condition fetching massive dollars. Edit:thought I'd add it could also go the total opposite direction as people need to remember we really aren't that far off of being out of petroleum which could make cars like Silvias which may have been considered classic 90's cars to be treasured turn into old cars with no other purpose than a garden ornament.
  10. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Looking for a 180sx rear inner brake light bulb holder and CA exhaust manifold heat shield.
  11. Not sure how this is relevant to the OP's issue in the slightest But no if you've ran a new wire for it, and it's safe, secure and not ridiculously long, all is well. And yeah I've got it going through the rubber gromit in the firewall with the main engine loom then it follows the loom (cable tied to loom) to the back of the engine then where it leaves the loom I have it running through conduit all the way to the plug
  12. Okay cheers haha yeah not O2 sensor knock sensor and it's still got the plug (maybe Hardwiring was bad terminology on my part) it just doesn't go through the fuse box or anything just straight to the sensor plug
  13. Title pretty much says it all but basically I had a knock sensor code and determined it was the wiring so I ran a shielded wire straight from the ecu to the sensor and the code has gone, does anyone know what route the standard wiring takes and is there any problem with having it the way I have? It's a ca18DET 180sx one wire sensor.
  14. Okay so I have spent a lot of time searching for ways to at the least read ecu codes without pulling the ECU out as its tedious and annoying as hell. I have a 180sx CA so I dont have a consult plug for ecutalk and other similar programs. I was talking to a guy in Jaycar and he said I should be able to find a way to get error codes to come up on the dash/cluster by shorting two pins on the plug that my 180 has that was replaced by later model consult plugs. I do have a plug in the fuse box by the drivers side kick panel but cannot find any information on what can actually plug into it and use it which is extremely frustrating. From my knowledge it is simply a Nissan specific DDL plug which is consult of sorts but not the same as later models. I cant find anything on the net that can plug into it any info would be appreciated. It's a black plug with 12 pins and is covered in a brown rubber surround (I'll post a pic if anyone cares enough to want it) and it is in the exact same place as consult plugs in later model Nissans.