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  1. Wierd ebay item

    when did they do that?! i dont like those blue shirts. cause i always sweat n shit when i work. and in the blue ones u can full on see it. lucky i still got my black one =D Yeah, it was about the start of the year, they went through and deleted them and made them unorderable. And the blue shirts suck because of that sweat issue!!!! I hate them too.
  2. Wierd ebay item

    But the thing is they are actually discontinued. You can't buy them anymore, since they changed the preferred dress standards they want everyone to have blue shirts. (But i snuck in an order for a black one just before they went discontinued, so ive got a nice new one that i still wear.)

    Print this off and stick it on the shifter surround (it may need resizing!!!!) ENJOY
  4. Dude, 2 weeks earlier, and i would have been so keen. But my respray has started and ive already sunk countless hours into prepping my siliva panels. FFS
  5. Silvia S13 Weight

    All weights are taken from the S13 owners manual. And are measured without fuel on board.
  6. Changing Diffs

    half shafts are non interchangeable you need shorter drive shafts, coZ that dif is shorter left to right Well that must be why everyone has problems
  7. Changing Diffs

    I do believe that both the r180 and r200 housings are the same length. And it is only the height that changes. Also the ca/sr boxes are the same length. Im not sure why the new diff would be an inch shorter, unless it is not out of an s13??? As for the 1/2 shaft issue, my advice is to leave the diff as it is (with 5 bolt shafts) and change the actual drive shafts rather than stuff around with changing 1/2 shafts (theoretically r180 sfahts should go into an r200, but everyone has problems with it.)
  8. Silvia S13 Weight

    1120kg - Ca18 manual 1140kg - Ca18 auto 1150kg - Sr20 manual 1170kg - Sr20 auto
  9. There is no need to replace your diff. The only difference between the de and the det diff is that the det diff is a viscous lsd, whereas the de is an open wheeler. They are both the same ratio (unless you manage to find an SR20det Auto diff which is a 3.9 as opposed to 4.1). If your worried about the de diff not handling the power, don't worry it will easily handle the power if driven sensibly (it will take some hard driving, but for constant track work you should go to an aftermarket centre.) But if you did still decide to change it, you simply need to unbolt the tailshaft, unbolt the cradle bolts, unbolt the 1/2 shafts and remove the diff. Then replace with the new one (this is provided your new diff has the same style 1/2 shafts as the old one , ie: 5 bolt). If it does not you will need to look at changing the 1/2 shafts OR the simpler option of replaceing the actual drive shafts.
  10. Repair manuals

    Dude, check out the pinned articles in the tech section, there are manuals there.
  11. Apexi going BANKRUPT!

    Thats like sooo last week!!!
  12. Actually no, i'm not. Slash will not be there, they are performing with their 2 new guitarists. It's just not G'N'R without slash. (And it just goes to show how good he is, it takes 2 people to replace him.)
  13. Yellow bolt goes through green crank girdle, through red bearing cap and then tightens.
  14. Slightly off on a tangent, but my mum bought a new toyota and the dealer sent her 1 single sock (with toyota logo on it) the idea was when she had it serviced by the dealer they would give her the other sock.