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  1. Great idea and they look awesome too.. still have my boot I bought from you 2 years ago and it's not faded at all in the sun In response to comments about it catching fire, my dad makes carbon mufflers for motorbikes and whilst with a lean fuel mixture over time they can end up burning the carbon the temps are obviously waaaaaaay higher than on an intake pipe so it wouldn't be an issue
  2. Hi Octane Racing Cooling Goods!

    I'll be after one of each if you end up doing S13 Silvia
  3. Greddy informeters in white, plug into obd1 or obd2, give u readouts of everything from ur ecu, speed, rev, injector (ms), water temp, a/f, throttle, and alot more - $379 Hey dude, how much for pick up ^^^ or the same? Cheers
  4. The guys at the shop here reckon keep the shroud on with thermos.. as it does the same job.. taking it off looks good but then they wont work as well
  5. Well that's wat I ended up doing as well.. piping was no problem but the mounts I had to do wat u did..
  6. Thanks mate mine's an S13 though Still want pics? it is installed.. just unsure about that one hose
  7. Anyone know wat to do with the hose that comes off the intake pipe from the air filter that seemed to go 2 the stock blow off valve? Block it off? or run to a pipe?
  8. Thanks mate, problem I had was the instructions were for a 180 and I have a silvia.. the front is different and the only bolts on the front other than the headlights on a silvia leave it an inch off the ground.. I've fitted it up so today I'm going to try and fit the pipes.. Thanks for the help dude
  9. Yea I thought of that but dont wana use the headlight mounts.. might drill a couple of holes instead.. Does the piping still reach tho if its mounted higher etc?
  10. EBE Green Stuff Pads

    I have them on the front now over a year and they're still good... disc's no more worn either on mine
  11. Yea I saw those already.. thanks 4 the help though mate
  12. S14 100K service

    true.. some places will just replace little things and charge ya for it... I always tell them if anything needs doing call me 1st.. most shit u can do yourself anyway..