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  1. r33 gtst manual conversion

    hey guys, just about to start my own conversion, r33 s1 rb25det, auto to manual, and was wondering if anyones got a manual ecu for sale?, also with the plugs on the gearboxes, do you need a wiring loom or is it easy to rig it up, also, just some info, i got the full kit less ecu, plus heeps of bushes and a .50 turbo for $1000
  2. R33 questions too many mixed answers

    ive got an r33 mostly stock and looking for upgrades such as better turbo and intercooler, injectors,after i finish manuel conversion and couple other bits i just dont know where to go. and how do i go about tuning and boost and shit
  3. Newbie

    im andy, i just bought 93 r33 gtst, already got plans for transmission conversion, turbo injectors and computer uprades with phat chromiez possibly