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  1. Dan's Sierra

    beiber is too busy smoking pot haha atari has the hairdresser mobile anyway
  2. Dan's Sierra

    I'm also a navi for a mate in his Sierra based buggy. or those interested we will be competing in Tuff Truck this year
  3. Dan's Sierra

    Then there came another one. Will be similarly built, just heaps more reliable and safe. Twin Locked. Reduction gears. 6pt 1.75" seamless cage. Suspension work. Custom full floater rear diff based on a vitara rear diff (STRONG). Then just wheel it. Lockers and 4340 Chromoly CV's and axles. Offroad Shopping list haha The bottom housing in the pic below is a Vitara rear housing with a larger diff centre and the hubs from the front of a Sierra will be put onto the rear to create a floating axle set up. The housing is cut and flipped to offset the pumpkin to suit the Sierra transfer output. Using these 300M heat and cryo treated axles.
  4. Dan's Sierra

    Hi my names Dan. It was suggested I throw up some pics and info into a thread for you guys. I'll just put up the jist of it. I started off with a white one. Modded it as I felt it needed to be. and with an 80" wheelbase it lifts wheels a lot So that was 2" lift, a bit of suspension mods. twin locked and diff and transfer reduction.
  5. 4x4 Newbie topic

    Much of a muchness really. 80series look nicer, feel like a newer car than a GQ. If you get the 4.2 turbo diesel both will be good and economical for what they are. GQ has the stronger diff centres. 80series front hi pinion prone to failure under load in reverse. Its the Ford/Holden thing in a different category.
  6. hi. hardcore offroader wants a turbo fix

    Oh.. if you couldn't already tell im a suzuki nut...
  7. hi. hardcore offroader wants a turbo fix

    Ill post a thread up later on in the 4WD section when i get some more time. For now here's a couple. This is my old Twin locked, geared and insanely capable Sierra. Never had more fun in a car. The current one is effectively the same thing just with some big dollar custom gear in it. Still a work in progress but fun none the less. and here is the Sierra based buggy my mate owns and i navigate for him socially and competitively. 3.8 V6, T700 auto, LT230 rover transfer and hilux steer diffs with some 4340 axles. lots of work done to it and extremly capable.
  8. Hi. Im Dan from Newcastle. Never owned a nice/stylish car especially a quick one. Have lots of mates with quick cars and always admire ones i see out and about. Im heavily involved in the hardcore offroad scene(bad terrain and lots of damage) ive owned a few 4wds 2 of which are very capable suzuki sierras. Im also a navi in a suzuki based buggy rock crawler/offroad racer which is a Tuff Truck Challlenge and Toperi competitor. I love all kinds of imports. I have a soft spot for a Ke70.. but most silvias and the r32 skyline get me excited. Im hoping to learn a lot on my way to purchasing a project, have some fun and be involved in the car scene!
  9. 4x4 Newbie topic

    There are mixed opinions on Rover reliability. But like everything. It is what you make it. Where you want to drive it, what you neeed to fit in it and how much money you have will decide and adequate vehicle.
  10. Auto vs. Manual

    Auto for me. Manual does the job and is "more fun" but the vehicle control with auto is unsurpassed. You can really concentrate on what youre driving and reduced jerking from a manual shift and riding the clutch while climbing. The auto also effectively doubles the torque to the wheels. Auto and adequate gearing equals capability.
  11. 4x4 Newbie topic

    Extended shackles are the worst way to add lift. Helps your unis flog out. In the front changes your castor for the worst. Your up and down travel is reduced. It will ride like a medieval cart. Get reduction gears(yes they exist for isuzu) Try and see if there are other diff ratios. Chuck 33's on which will fix numerous clearance issues.
  12. Sway The 20V 4AGTE AE71

    thats great! any more progress?
  13. 4x4 Pics and vids

    Suzuki Sierra 1.3 carb/suzuki box trans and diffs. Twin locked reduction gears chromoly axles and 31's Suzuki Sierra buggy. 3.8 V6/T700/LT230/Hiluz steer diffs/37" Maxxis Trepadors
  14. SR20DET questions

    Yep. I'll be calling them soon for the bell housing and Overkill Engineering is doing the C4-LT230 adaptor, thanks.
  15. SR20DET questions

    So, I've got the adaptors under control. What do you guys do for exhaust sizes and mufflers to keep it flowing it's best but not deafening. Keeping in mind the limited space im working with. The exhaust will be about 1000mm long.