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  1. BMC wont take fluid

    calipers on upside down? nipple goes to the top.
  2. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Just measure the thread on that snapped one, that way you'll know what you have/need to get next time, ( always good to take spare tie rod and tie rod end to take to the track)
  3. S13 manufactured date

    Good chance that a s13 would of had the belts changed in its lifetime.
  4. S13 manufactured date

    THIS. Get it printed out and use it.
  5. kris's A31 Cefiro

    You must have s14 rack or tie rods, s13/a31 are 12mm, s14 are 14mm. Or you fitted a s13 tie rod end.
  6. The YouTube Thread Vol:Tres

    Epic, but may be coincided nws/graphic
  7. Indicators on toggle switch

    Yeah this^^ That diagram will only bring them on solid and not flash just flick the switch on and off.
  8. Yeah okay, Id really like a refund though since I already did my service but a replacement is fair. Just use the replacement next service.
  9. Changing different oil

    Yes, the magnetic drain bung is standard. They hold about 1.5 litres, so must of been a little bit down before.
  10. Some times gets used

    Not bad times for your first go! It will make a Huge difference once you getting some semi's and decent brake pads, wouldn't bother with 5.1 brake fluid, gen Nissan 4.0 holds up pretty well, just give them a quick bleed during the lunch break.
  11. Some times gets used

    What times were you doing?
  12. Does anybody know SLiPnSLiD

    COUGH Good luck sending a gearbox to his bank account...
  13. Just go back in a swap it for the right one. Its a ca18 filter, it would be listed in the same section on the computer when he looked it up.
  14. -change all the spark plugs anyway, they are cheap. -unplug each coil one at time find the one that doesnt make a differance when its unpluged. swap it with another coil and see if the missfire changes cylinder. if it changes replace that coil. -plug the tps in back in anyway. -a valve would miss all the time.