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  1. Hi DFT-180, Sorry about getting back to you late. Thank you for posting the photo. It's very helpful. This is common problem with TRUST sump kit. We have been through a few times. Please elongate the hole using hand drill or somthing, and it should be fine. Please not to worry this is not something serious. Hope everything goes fine:) Thank you! office_aki_intl@yahoo.co.jp
  2. Please PM or email me if you need anything. Thank you. office_aki_intl@yahoo.co.jp
  3. Hi, Please let us know if you are interested TOMEI parts. office_aki_intl@yahoo.co.jp
  4. JoELMaN - PM sent. Thanks. office_aki_intl@yahoo.co.jp
  5. Graeme - email and PM replied. Thank you. limpus - PM sent. Thanks. office_aki_intl@yahoo.co.jp
  6. Simon - email replied. Thank you. Ozi - emsil replied. Thank you. office_aki_intl@yahoo.co.jp
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  8. dew36 - email replied long ago. Thank you. coota1600 - Thank you so much! Talk to you soon! Thank you. office_aki_intl@yahoo.co.jp
  9. Hi guys, PM sent and replied to all. Thank you. bob82 - Thank you very much Brett! office_aki_intl@yahoo.co.jp
  10. -explode- - PM sent. keiichi2 - PM sent. sop180 - PM sent. Thank you. office_aki_intl@yahoo.co.jp
  11. Hi Ozi, Good to hear your 180 is going good! Thank you.
  12. auto180 - PM sent. bob82 - PM sent. mikelarry - PM sent. mr200sx - PM sent. Thank you. office_aki_intl@yahoo.co.jp
  13. If anyone is interested in, please let us know anytime!
  14. RyanJ - PM sent. Thank you. office_aki_intl@yahoo.co.jp
  15. simboo - PM sent! DFT-180 - PM sent! BlitzS15SPL - PM sent! Thank you! office_aki_intl@yahoo.co.jp