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  1. Breaking Bad

    Holey shit f**king god balls! I think that's all I have to say on tonights episode.
  2. Here's a very good read on the whole virtual surround VS true surround. More drivers doesn't always mean better sound. http://www.gamingzap...hich-is-better/ Just to note.. The only difference I hear when I turn off virtual surround on my A40's is a narrower sound stage. When a jet or heli is flying over me, I can't tell if it's going North-South or South-North. I think the whole virtual surround label is a bit of a gimmick. Yes it widens the sound stage, but I wouldn't say it replaces a typical surround sound speaker system.
  3. I bought the Astro A40 back in February. It's a good headset. Super comfy. My team (3 of us) used them for the 24 hour online GT5 race and they never once got uncomfortable. The mic is nice and clear. I love the ability to adjust the game:voice ratio. The audio quality sounds alright when you're playing games, but when you stick music into them, you see they are quite poor. There is the option of buying better quality headphones such as the Sennheiser PC 650's and using them with the Astro mixamp, which would probably make the sound quality a lot better. Having said that, I use them for BF3 and GT5 and they do fine. Well worth however much I spent on them.
  4. Battlefield 3

    I hated some dude who was planting C4 throughout the thoroughfares of Operation Metro. Then I realised how awesome he was doing at taking out people. It's easy to hate someone who is doing well with what he is doing.
  5. Prometheus

    I couldn't care less about the whole Alien movie thing (I guess because I haven't seen the movies). I can't wait for it to see some awesome spacecraft, some cool looking aliens and some good action with top quality special effects. Bring it on!
  6. Leap motion - mouse replacement

    That's a pretty good use. Nothing worse than trying to wipe your hands on something before touching the remote.
  7. Leap motion - mouse replacement

    I don't see it taking off, to be honest. The mouse is comfortable and convenient as it is. It's cool, yes, but I don't think revolutionary.
  8. RFID Skimming... I've just been scammed!

    I wouldn't be surprised if we see wallets having thin insulating plates embedded in the lining. I remember my sister showing me a pouch that you put your phone into which is lined with some sort of lining to block all communication. Good for drug dealers doing deals and not wanting to he tracked by the authorities, apparently, lol :-/
  9. Battlefield 3

    Yep. Fking campers. I don't mind dudes who setup in a good spot and pick off a few people for a few minutes. It's all part of the game. But sitting there for a whole round is pathetic. I've tried it once. I thought that surely they must get heaps of kills. I walked up some big rock. Sat there. Looked through my scope. Sat there some more. Scoped around looking for people. Someone ran across the screen and then out of sight. Sat there longer..... It was the most boring piece of BF3 I've ever played. I agree, running up to where they are and knifing them is most satisfying. It's just usually they're too far away to be bothered to run up to them. They never see you coming, so it's not hard.
  10. RFID Skimming... I've just been scammed!

    My new credit card arrived today with RFID. While it does suck and can be an inconvenience to be skimmed, as mentioned, the banks will refund you any unauthorised transactions. Seeing I balance my banking software weekly, I'd be pretty on the ball if anything was to happen.
  11. Battlefield 3

    Some of it is rookie? Damn, I'd hate to see what my kind of playing is like I still can't work out why people use torches and lasers. They're so easy to spot and many times I wouldn't have spotted them if I didn't see the light. They hardly dazzle you either, you just aim into the light and shoot. I can't really see many positives for using them, if any.
  12. Journey - PS3

    This IGN review nails it on the head in terms of describing what it's all about...and it pretty much just gets it all right.
  13. Journey - PS3

    I don't think I've ever played a game as epic as this. The trailer doesn't do it an ounce of justice. The story of the game is a journey to the mountain in the background. There's no talking. No dialog. All you can do is run and fly (when you've got the energy). You come across other players in the game, online. You don't know who they are (no PSN ID displayed) and you're unable to talk to them besides a small chirp. It sounds like a boring game, just making your way towards some mountain in the distance, collecting tokens to extend your scarf (your scarf holds energy which allows you to fly. The longer it is, the further you can fly). But you'd be totally wrong in thinking that. Having a companion who you help energise (from being within proximity), work together and just generally make the journey with, but without communication or identification, brings a whole 'nother element to the game. You'd be safe to say it makes up the main element of the game. The sound track is amazing, too. I had my surround system turned up fairly loud and it draws you in. The sound track changes as to what you're currently doing. It makes it a real interactive experience. It's only available through the PSN store and only $20. My only gripe about it is that it's so short (around 3 hours), and when you're enjoying it so much, it goes very quickly. Still, money well spent IMO. A very creative game, a much welcomed change to what's around these days.
  14. Cheap G27 on COTD..

    I'm pretty sure they bulk mail things. Ie, they wait until x have sold, package those x items. could be wrong though, that's only a guess. if you want to talk bullshit shipping, i bought 6 books from amazon on the 26th of march. 3 came in 1 shipment, 1 came on its own and other 2 still haven't turned up, apparently due to Australian Customs. Why the f**k would customs be interested in 2 books? The worst bit is that those two books are why I placed the order in the first place. The other 4 books were for my wife Did you buy them all from the same seller on Amazon? I bought 5 different music bluray's and I think all of them came separately, or at least 2 or 3 different parcels. It's just like ebay with different shops/sellers. As far as I understand, it doesn't come from one Amazon shop.
  15. Samsung Galaxy S III

    I like how, in the article, it mentioned how they've put an extra casing around it so that leaked photos don't reveal the true look of the phone. I'd rather there not be any leaks at all and just be surprised when it's actually released. Damn internet and people who absolutely have to leak it out.