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  1. roll cage, install 2L engine, comply for s2000 regs, enter ARC, win championship, get picked up by WRC team, be competitive. by that time, you should be earning enough to buy a turbo car, since you'd be a few years older anyway. or do nothing. i don't really see any potential in a 2.5 RS other than just a slightly sportier car. best put aside intended modding money and when you can actually get a better car, go nuts.
  2. not really answering the OP's question, but: 300SL Gullwing: Lust | Gluttony | Greed | Sloth | Wrath | Envy | Pride Gullwings | 17L/100km | Not cheap | 212hp | Le-Mans winner | 1,400 built | Head turner
  3. How can I improve my driving?

    bti: u mean a novice chess player. thinking making 2-3 moves ahead without considering everything; unlike a pro chess player - taking eleventy billion hrs to think of 11 moves ahead to win. laurence - u need bricks, loads of them. basically the theory is to put more bricks at whichever end of the car is losing more traction than you like. you improve cos now you know what the car is doing. I think limestone works best, especially with the boot open since there is more weight to be had, giving you added traction in the wet! having the boot up also gives df. i don't know what df is but i hear civic drivers talking about it. must be good.
  4. it was probably more to do with a shorter but wider wheelbase car for agility than 'looks'. I doubt petter had a say in the looks department. And i don't know why they would compare it to the evo chassis. the citreon c4/xsara chassis are the class of the field. i wouldn't want to base my team's development on historical achievements, considering the last works mitsu team was 4 yrs ago, and weren't competitive.
  5. 2009 Formula 1 Discussion Thread

    So. Along with the shake up of the technical regulations for 2009, we now have a olympic-style system for determining the drivers championship - but only for the winner. Rankings from 2nd place onwards is based on points. Further to this, the Constructors Championship is still based on points. In addition: From 2010, there will be 2 sets of rules - restricted regulations for teams spending over 30m GBP, and less restricted regulations for teams spending less than 30GBP. a very topsy-turvy outlook for F1 for the next 3 yrs based on these rulings
  6. 2009 Formula 1 Discussion Thread

    Does anyone know if F1 will be televised on analog Ch10? Reason I'm asking is because I don't have a PVR, and only have a normal HDD recorder. (Ch10 sports programmes will be televised on OneHD from March 26).
  7. 2009 Formula 1 Discussion Thread

  8. luxury sports if that tickles your fancy. and relatively slow compared to..... ..not much else on the road. point being car manufacturer with stock of high market value with lower production numbers buys up massively bigger company producing various makes of cars by which, most are low market value with high production numbers. highly unusual, highly impressive.
  9. So did Porsche. http://www.news.com.au/business/story/0,27...857-462,00.html Except, they decided to buy half the bloody company. It's been well known that Porsche's main income isn't from its cars but its finance activities, but still - pretty impressive considering a lot of other supercar manufacturers are the complete reverse, as they fall under their parent companies which makes average joe cars.
  10. I'll raise your grammar nazi with a spelling nazi.
  11. S15 OR EVO 7,8,9

    just change the front and rear bumper to the 9's and bob's your aunt. Presto, it's not ugly anymore.
  12. Honda to Pull Out of F1

    ^^ too right.. http://www.itv-f1.com/News_Article.aspx?id=44848
  13. Honda to Pull Out of F1

    unofficial but good news!
  14. luxury watches

    my replacement watch Casio EF-524SP-1AV.. about $220 SGD/AUD approx