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  1. Police shoot at hoon driver

    till the car stops aye ? Nothing entertaining about walking 2m to the side. As a professional officer of fun, you should be well-versed in the physics here; dropping-hot-lead > walking. turn 360 degrees an walk away, but serious i see your point shoot because running is just too expected an police officers just don't get payed enough to run
  2. Police shoot at hoon driver

    has time to draw gun, not run out the way o_0 makes perfect sense
  3. RECOVERED: Burgundy R31 skyline, half stripped!

    what area was it found ? i heard there is a chop shop out st albans

    300zx back of bunnings werribee a man living in his car o_0
  5. Stumbled upon this. Cops & nissansilvia.com

    roflmao, insert riot o_0
  6. Hill climbs or Hill runs in VIC

    between blue joanna an red joanna there are some wide winding corners heading out to airs river, but i wouldint hit them early in the morning or late at night due to the drunken inbread ute drivers
  7. O.C.D

    forklift brake drifting, an yes even inside a fridge pan o_0 electric pallet jack drifting every corner o_0 i feel angry if i don't do one or the other o_0 boss's stopped me from reverse entry drifting into pallets even tho i proved i can shave 5 mins off total completion time for transfer ocd or just plain hoon lulz
  8. documentary junkie?

  9. Is Australia a racist country?

    but srssly those milkshakes abusing her need there face smashed in

    no run up an down the street stamping your authority with one of these or there is the option of APRS tis whats going to happen with my sil
  11. How To Wash Your Car

    how my bro in cali washs his car o_0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6dN9l2PuIo
  12. Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2012

    prolly not, kinda pointless, needs more synthetic weed an bath salts o_0