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  1. S14a LH rear bar reflector (Newcastle)

    Got 1, can ship to you for $20
  2. Dont have part number, but got one don't need any more. Scratch in the leather grip but otherwise I. Good nick. Perfect candidate to sent to that guy in s.a. for retrim (my original intention) Pm me if interested.
  3. Buffing Acrylic paint

    +1 for sand with 1500 then 2000 grit. But don't get over zealous and try and make it showroom perfect! It is very easy to sand through the clear if you go too hard and then your paint is 100% fckd. You will have a different colour spot where you have sanded through and you will need to start again. How to do I know this... I learnt the hard way and had to respray the roof again... base and clear. The next time I laid 5 coats of clear so I could remove some with color-sanding and polishing. But the results are shmick in the end.
  4. Signed up and donated and will vote! Finally a political party I have faith in!
  5. I dont think a Mondeo will last 700,000kms... Silvertop / 13CABS need to stock up on the remaining yellow falcons...
  6. undercover HWP question

    How did ur mate know it was highway patrol if it was undercover. Could have been a detective / SVU, etc. With that said, hope ur mate gets the fine + more.
  7. 34 Brembo Brake Rebuild/seal Kit

    go to Nissan. Took 3 weeks, Cost $80 and genuine Brembo seal kit. (Front)
  8. Just put R34 GTR dash in a S14. If you are only changing the clusters, use the original wiring and only unwrap what you need to (original wrapping). I unwrapped the whole interior loom so I could remove any unrequired wiring and some some extra power circuits for gauges, fan control, etc, and its been an absolute pain to get it back wrapped and sitting right again.
  9. 135i

    Father in law has one. That signature red colour and black rims. Halls ass. Afe cold air intake and tune, very smooth power from down low, also handles and stops great. There was a few things he had changed under warranty / recall. Injectors and fuel pump ring a bell and the 3rd stop lamp lense too.
  10. I will never understand the pedestrian / cyclist mentality... If I, the motorist, hit them as a result of their stupidity and stubborness, I dont think I will be the one getting carted away in an ambulance. 1400kg Vs Pedestrian... Doesnt take a card counting special person to work it out. The result is the same no matter who's at fault.

    well if they didn't know that and troll the site looking for cars... they know now.
  12. Ford indicators onto s14

    +1 JDM Guards or fill.
  13. The Nostalgia Thread.

    california games FTW and leisure suit larry
  14. send him an email back telling him he's won the Nigerian lottery