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  1. Buy 3 Get 1 Free!

    Spoont, Although the question you have asked doesn't make sense I can confirm we make wheels in ALL Stud Patterns and also offer Centre Lock for Porsche, Ferrari, etc.
  2. Buy 3 Get 1 Free!

    Since hitting 5,000 likes on facebook around mid September we decided to run a promotion to thank all our fans. The promotion has been quite the success so we thought we would offer it to HardTUNED members as well. All we ask is that you visit our facebook and Like the page. http://www.facebook.com/FORGEWheels The things you should know: *Offer extended until 7th October 2012 for HardTUNED members - You must mention this ad or we will quote you standard retail prices after the 30th September. - Wheel prices start at $975 each, that means a full set will start from $2,925 under this promotional pricing ( $975x3 = $2,925) 4th wheel free) - Orders must be placed by the 7th October 2012. - This is a very rare opportunity to pick up a set of custom made forged wheels at unheard of prices. - Wheels are 100% MADE IN USA Contact us for more info! Phone: 04-AU-FORGED (0428 367 433) Email: info@forge-wheels.com Website: www.forge-wheels.com
  3. THE FORGE WHEELS STORY FORGE Wheels is a relatively new forged wheel company located in sunny Queensland, Australia. Our main aim is to fill the void in custom aftermarket wheels within the shores of Australia, we offer timeless, classic designs of 1-Piece monoblock & 3-Piece forged alloy wheels using the latest in state of the art design, engineering, testing and manufacturing processes. We strive to deliver the highest quality product in the most realistic timeframe possible, each FORGE wheel is custom made to the customers exact order down to the very finest detail. To achieve this we have utilized the best in the business to design, manufacture, test and develop our products. Instead of starting from scratch and learning the long and hard way by establishing our own manafucturing plant here in Australia we have left the manufacturing of FORGE Wheels to the professionals, that's why all FORGE Wheels are proudly made in our California, U.S.A. based manufacturing facility using the most technologically advanced CNC machinery in the industry today. Each FORGE wheel begins with 100% USA Made, Grade A 6061-T6 aluminum billet cut and placed into a 10,000 Ton forging press to forge the center disks or monoblock forgings. The result of the forging process is 6061 forged aluminum material with a totally refined grain structure, making the wheels both lightweight and extremely durable. These materials and processes are also used in aerospace manufacturing to ensure the highest level of quality and strength are attained. Once the raw center disk forgings are manufactured our 3-Piece rim halves are manufactured to the finest tolerances in the industry through CNC Spinning of 6061 Aluminum to achieve absolute trueness and run-out quality. Finally, each wheel is then hand finished and assembled using the finest in stainless steel or optional titanium hardware and then individually inspected to ensure the highest standard of quality control is maintained. - 100% Made in USA using 100% Made in USA Forgings, Rim Halves and Fasteners - Each and every wheel is designed, engineered and manufactured specifically for that vehicle. The result, a truly custom forged wheel in the exact width, offset, profile, brake clearance and concavity required. - Testing of each new wheel design is completed by STL Labs in Masssilon, Ohio USA - Every FORGE Wheel is built to exceed JWL and VIA wheel testing. - Bespoke, 1-off and special edition wheel design and manufacturing available. - Production time as little as 2 weeks from time of order! CONTACT INFO FORGE Wheels PTY LTD Design Studio & Australian Distribution 29 Township Drive, Burleigh Heads, QLD, AUSTRALIA 4220 (Strictly open by appointment only) General inquiries: info@forge-wheels.com Sales & Wholesale Accounts: sales@forge-wheels.com Phone: 04-AU-FORGED (0428 367 433) Website: www.forge-wheels.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/FORGEwheels Instagram: forge_wheels FORGE Wheels International Manufacturing & Engineering Facility Ontario, CA. USA 91761 (Closed to Public, Viewing for wholesalers and dealers by appointment only) Below are some vehicle photoshoots of various FORGE Wheels fitted. For all general inquiries please email us info@forge-wheels.com