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  1. Thinking about selling my s13 as a shell. -Full wide body front and rear -Full custom one of a kind flushed body kit -Shaved handles with door popper button -Custom paint job with air brushed graphics ( show quality ) -Custom vented bonnet ( metal, so it meets all standards ) -Brick head lights with clear lenses -Custom interior ( only the back is good though as the floor was white suede so as you can imagine, that didnt turn out too well after a while ) -Comes with full s15 dash as well. Was going to throw it in but I've changed my mind with what I want now so it's yours ( good condition, paid $450 for it ) just has no cluster as I was going with A/M gauges. - s15 rear diff with 5 stud conversion - GTR front brakes, also 5 stud now too. -Custom sway bar made to miss the RB sump -r33 rack ends in the rear -HICAS removed and a lock bar installed. Also custom fittings made up for the rear so it sends the steering fluid back to the front to be used again. -Koni adjustable suspension all round -Fully mod plated for an engine conversion ( I have an RB in there now and it was registered up until 3 weeks ago ) The MOD code just states " engine conversion " so you can chuck what you like in there within legal limits -Walbro 255 in tank fuel pump. -Apexi revspeed meter -VL turbo radiator The ECU that's in it at the moment is of course the one from my rb26. You can have it with the car as well if you need it and pay the right price. Other wise, it will be a B.Y.O ECU job... but one for an s-chassis motor isn't exactly expensive anyway. If enough is given, I'll leave the wheels on it too. 19x10s in the rear with basically brand new tires ( about 90%+ tread ), 19x8s in the front with also tires 90% + I would be chasing around 7-8k. Considering what it is, I think that is pretty fair. If you have an SR or CA and your own ECU, it will bolt straight up or if you have an RB, all the hard work has already been for you and it's ready to rock. If you would like more photos, I can take them of anything you like.. these are just the 2 I have on my PC.
  2. Hey fellas, Taking the stock " CA " seats out of my s13 and swapping them with some decent looking ones. The only issue I have is the rails.... Never done something like this before and have no idea where to start. I have done a fair bit of reading on line, but all the material is pointed towards someone who knows what they are doing in the first place, and me reading something that says " just custom make, cut and weld new ones " really is no help at all to me... Anyone know where you can buy rails to suit? The seats are " DRIFT " , comfy as hell and picked them up cheap so they will do for now.... But yea, no rails = no seats for me Any help would be appreciated Aaron.
  3. Identify these clips anyone?

    regular AC which is no longer there as it kinda doesnt fit when you put an rb26 where a CA belonged LOL And I have a 03 corolla sportivo tumbleed.
  4. Identify these clips anyone?

    Yep Cheers sssturbo and tumbleweed, the wavey lines is foggies, same symbol on my corolla. And the other one that is just a painted circle is rear demister Now just those 2 stray ones....
  5. Identify these clips anyone?

    ahhh i get ya now.... so what on earth is that one with the circle painted and the one with the wavey lines through it?
  6. Identify these clips anyone?

    That would make sense for the cluster dimmer, in which case, its getting canned. As for the antenna up and down, also understandable, the other one however is a blank switch therefor unidentifiable unless you own one, and the other toggle up and down for the other side remains a mystery too, But thank you for you help 6330, that's 2 identified
  7. Hey hey hey, Just finished tidying up the wiring under my dash in the good old s13 to get ready for the s15 dash swap. I was able to identify everything else apart from these couple of things. I know your all going... " dude... are you thick " and the answer is yes.... and no ....... lol. I never had the s13 cluster surround in and functioning so i dont know what these things do as ive honestly never used them before. I brought the car, decided to clean shit up a bit and ripped it all out so now im stumped on what's what. This one here ^^^ came out from behind where the radio is from 1 single set of wires taped together... wtf is that? and where does it go ? These ones, I popped them out from the right side of the instrument cluster surround and went about finding what they plugged into. As you can see I found the wires they connect to, but have no idea what they are supposed to do??? That little one that you can toggle "up and down" , there is a second one on the left side of the surround exactly the same too. Thank in advance, please help a doosh bag who forgot to test shit before he pulled it out Aaron.
  8. Yea your probably right fellas, Didn't know how big the job was before these replies. Maybe a good idea just to clean up what I can and wire in my new gauges on what I already have there
  9. lol I dont understand a single thing on that digram hahahaha..... Anyone suggest someone that could do something like this? happy to pay good money for it.... just dont want to call the mobile auto eleccy out at $130 an hour.
  10. Yea I have a workshop manual dude, the diagrams are un readable.... I do not understand a single thing it says, hence why I'm posting a topic here, if I knew how to read that manual, I would already be in the garage doing it myself
  11. Howdy all, Seeking some help if anyone can assist. Looked around for a nissan s13 wiring diagram for the dash. Pulled mine off the other day to fit my s15 dash into it and the wiring is a clutter of crap so yea, going to clean it all up and looking to run my own wires for stuff like " wipers, horn, indicators, ... bascially everything that's connected to the steering column " In other words, I want to make a custom loom and have NO idea where to start. I've researched a lot of diagrams and stuff but nothing is really " spot on ", its all opinionated ideas, what I need is someone who has done this kinda thing before. Thank you kindly Aaron. As you can see by this pic I have a long way to go..... but that's cool, we all gotta start somewhere
  12. Auto electrician?

    Im getting out of it easy mate, no air con, no cluster LOL!! Air con was gone when the rb26 went in, and the cluster is going to be replaced with all aftermarket gauges.... What I need done is basically that loom for all the dash wiring / indicators/ hazards/ wipers etc etc etc ripped out and re wired cleanly into one simple loom....
  13. Auto electrician?

    p.s... I'll pay you ... Dont want anything for free here, just thought there might be someone on here that knows more than I do and could lend a hand to a fellow import lover Aaron.
  14. Howdy, Anyone on here an auto eleccy by any chance? Just pulled my dash off in my 13 as im changing to the s15 dash, and the wiring uder there is a f**king MESS!! I want to get it all cleaned up, and get rid of what I dont need before I put the new one back in. There is things tapped into other things and plugs and clips running to places I cant see..... Its had an engine conversion and the doosh who did it, didnt do anything properly, just tapped into things and shoved it all back in... so now its on me to do it all over again....
  15. Wtb: S15 Dash - $300

    Price : $300 Condition : Used Howdy there, Looking to buy a s15 complete dash board. I do not need the air bag or the instrument cluster, if it comes with it as a complete unit, so be it, but I will not be willing to pay extra just for those parts. Need the entire dash, top and bottom, including all the centre console.... everything from top all the way down to console and cup holders I dont expect "mint" condition, as the car was made quite some time ago and general wear is expected..... plus ill be painting it anyway so yea... reasonable condition will do me just fine Thanks fellas, let me know what you got