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  1. 10 years

    11 years almost :/ !
  2. Drifting quitters

    Oh no he didn't.
  3. randy at nissco in bayswater, did an unreal job on my engine swap.
  4. hopefully it is still in my signature
  5. Gym wankers

    the only other person around when i do a workout is my dog -f**kin hate it when he licks me when doing push-ups and sit up's -or when he drops his guts and f**ks off -and never willing to give a spot. bloody gym dog wankers
  6. any original ns.coms still here?

    hahahaha dRaGa !!! time's a changed n shit,. 160kw use to be a fkn animal
  7. Been sacked for a funny reason?

    hahah this thread is a pisser. i got sacked from maccas because someone accused me of selling weed from drivethrough, and i told my manager to get f**ked and threw 6 quater pounder's at her.
  8. 100 octane - United in East Donny

    they also have it on prince's highway almost oppiste ikea,
  9. Electrical Apprenticeship

    If you register yourself with a recruiting acency, in 6 months time there might be an opportunity with Southern Health But you didn't hear it from me LoL What company? Worked for 3 years in motor winding until i transfered macfarlane generator's bud, who were you winding for ?
  10. Electrical Apprenticeship

    yeah i do, were a generator company though, depends if your after commercial/domestic or industrial

    my 32 at work the day i got my goPRO
  12. Rarities - Stuff I've found or Bargains

    that is the best walk about spanner ive ever seen, the shifter need's to be re-invented