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  1. KIM DUTHIE......f**k OFF

    sure thats her dude? remember seeing that image on 4chan a while back, how old is this scandal??
  2. Social Networking 101

    f**k long time since i've been on here and glad to see another buoy topic first thing couldn't agree with you more with the ignore her part of your post. In this narcissistic society we live in it's damn important to continually make the girl feel like your the prize not her.. Every weekend i work i see so many poor average joes chasing after self loving, attention seeking girls going to illogical extents in order to get her attention... Pretty much paying for her attention most of the times (drinks bought, roses from those dudes walking around selling them, paying with your own valuable time etc). my mates and me call it ice theory, she's not giving you anything? put her on the ice. Don't reply to every sms, make/establish the decisions (don't force them), walk proudly with your dick hanging proudly and the women will cum. Pun Intended.
  3. Drunk Walking..... WTF?

    so do we have to roll in a wheelchair if we lose our walking licence?
  4. all good brother, best of luck with the situation. Handling it very well.
  5. can anyone update me? read up to page 14 and don't have time to read the other 40 or so pages haha
  6. Will natural selection win out?

    i think your interpretation of natural selection is a little skewed, then again.. I'm really high right now.
  7. Hannibal for King - can you do this?

    very impressive, good bodyweight exercises are extremely effective at building strength
  8. Astrology

    what if your born opposite sides of the globe?
  9. What will this decade be known for?

    to me it will be remembered as the decade the internet started the downfall of Religion and pushed moral/ethical boundaries to new levels. Also ipods.
  10. The strange animal thread

    oarfish Oarfish are large, greatly elongated, pelagic Lampriform comprising the small family Regalecidae.[1] Found in all temperate to tropical oceans yet rarely seen, the oarfish family contains four species in two genera. One of these, the king of herrings (Regalecus glesne), is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest bony fish alive, at up to 11 metres (36 ft) in length.
  11. The strange animal thread

    some weird bug/beetle thing flew into my car today, freaked the shit out of me. Can't find what it is but it was huge and had an x on it's back. here's a random weird beetle:
  12. What do you love about Adelaide?

    - ying chow - farmers union - noarlunga girls (hot beach babes that put out) - gully girls (babes that put out and then some) - town girls (put out to compete with noarlunga and gully girls) - Great nightlife crowds in most area's
  13. Cheerleading..... haha

    great workouts and body weight exercise but the whole concept of cheerleading shits me. Don't understand how something that supports a sport can become one. outfits cover up too much of the girls too... Skirts ok though
  14. Ctrl + V Thread

    left 4 head
  15. Having morbidly obese children.

    the problem doesn't lie in whether or not there is a penalty for having fat kids, but that there is misinformed, uneducated, lazy parents out there. I personally, and many others on here, know that a good meal is a lean meat with a side of veggies, a good breakfast a bowl of oats... A majority of parents actually don't know that and think that feeding their child a sugar filled cereal that says 99% fat free on the front is good for them. Chuck in a side of coke for lunch coupled with some crappy low quality, common, processed shit and your kid is on a 1 way road to obesity. Education is key and the Government is doing a shitty job of it at the moment. Current ad campaigns are ok, preaching the good of veggies and fruit... But if you only eat carbs all day you'll increase body fat and lose muscle... And i'll bet my bottom dollar those ads will convince people that an apple with a banana is a sufficient, awesome lunch. More education, more incentive for persons to research nutrition and tax free f**king red meat!
  16. iSnack 2.0

    saw a lot of people on facebook passionately arguing against it. Can you say 'no life?'
  17. Mass Monster for sale

    in one sitting. doing a handstand

    i'd bang the crabcore chick
  19. Some info on masturbation ;-)

    once again one of those small things which hardly make a difference. Enjoy a daily wank? Get a little more sleep, take a zinc tablet, slap a woman, squat more etc any of those will make up for lost testosterone. also, i was under the influence once you release a little testosterone in your sperm your body works hard to produce more, so in fact regular masturbation helps keep testosterone up?
  20. it won't succeed as a legal venture. The reason it was sold for so little is simply because you'll get thrown behind bars if you keep it the way it is lol. The new owners will try to legalize it, people will move to other torrent sites. Couple of million down the drain in my opinion.
  21. FREE TV

    Just confirming yes it has porn. Great find!
  22. *puts on schoolboy outfit*