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  1. Forza Motorsport 4

    "Truckfactory180" on Xbox360. Always keen for a skid session. -Chris
  2. Thanks for your valuable input SteveP, funny coming from someone who just previously posted "dont turn this into another whinging thread" and follows that by posting an irrelvant post whinging about my post, I sign my name on every post on every forum, my username is not my real name. Don't like it, f**k off. Very good idea! Reasonable and intelligent suggestions like this are what I'm after. I've PM'd Tom3ch and hopefully will get things rolling ASAP. Thank you -Chris
  3. Id be keen on weekly/monthly meets to just hang and chat, possibly go for a drive after. I personally dont think it has anything to do with the police here in Adelaide. Ive been involved in the car scene for about 7 years and have noticed it fade off more and more and really the cops arent picking on imports anymore than they use to, difference is now we hear about it alot more regurarly due to the media and facebook etc. And most of the time the people that get picked on are bringing attention to themselves. I believe the reason to be the people that use to put in all the time and effort to make cruises happen have now grown older and no longer have time to keep it up or no longer in the import scene due to houses/families etc, and the new younger generation of people getting involved in imports dont seem to want to go to all the trouble of organising things (Tom3ch being the excepetion, his cruises are excellent), rather just roll around with their mates and complain that there are no cruises. +1 for organising an official weekly/fortnightly/monthly meet for NS.com, Id be keen to get the ball rolling if Tom3ch can assist with making it official etc? My 2c -Chris
  4. The car's stolen this week thread.

    Did anyone by chance lose a motorbike last night in Parafield Gardens? Not really car related but a stolen bike could always be related to car thefts. Bout 3-3.15am I heard bike start up behind my place, revved the shit out of it then took off, revved it right out down the street then i heard it lock the brakes up twice at the end of the street, then again at the end of the next street, never heard it come back at all. To me it sounded like a very in-experienced rider the way it took off and didnt shift up down the street, they just hit the limiter till they reached the end of the street. I ran out the front but it was gone by the time i got out there. -Chris
  5. gearbox rebuild

    Best way to get in contact with Richie is through Andy at Autosolutions. Ive had 2 gearboxes rebuilt through him (SR and RB25) and both times the price and quality of work have been excellent. Give Andy a call on 8266 5103 and he can organise everything for you. -Chris

    I live in near mawson lakes and im on the road alot during the day in and around the northern suburbs, ill keep my eyes peeled as im also a jzx90 fan and spot them from a mile away. Sounds like these guys or guy may have a few stolen cars/parts, becos who has a set of black te37's just laying about, especially if your some car stealing lowlife. Garunteed wheels are stolen also from someone elses car. I know of a few shifty looking houses/warehouses around my area and surrounding suburbs, ill do some drive-bys tomorrow and see if i can dig anything up! Saved you mob number in my phone also. -Chris
  7. Good Detailers in Adelaide

    Contact Hamish on Hamish_flentje@hotmail.com. You can see examples of his work here http://hamish023.imgur.com/ Ill be using him for my Lexus when i can afford it. He uses only the best products and from what ive seen/heard he does an amazing job. -Chris
  8. Best place to buy Motul oil in S.A.

    ^^^ At the price its garunteed not to be the 100% synthetic Chrono V, cheapest ive ever seen it for was $110 for 4 litres. More than likely the synthetic blend 'excess' or 'turbolight' stuff which is no good for SR's they need a true 100% synthetic 10w30/10w40 oil. -Chris
  9. Best place to buy Motul oil in S.A.

    I personally buy all my Motul oils from MTQ in Regency Park as they are one of our sponsors and their pricing is excellent. -Chris
  10. Totally agree with Simon on that one. Bridgestones are IMO overpriced, your purely paying for the name. Replacement 19" Potenza 050A's on a VE Commodore are $638 RRP each! I can garuntee I could do the exact same size tyre that is better both mileage and performance wise for less than half that price! -Chris
  11. Went down for a look, very impressed by the number of cars! Biggest AJD ive seen so far! Few stand-out cars for me were Beno's RB26 Millenium Jade Sil80 (literally perfect in every way!), Ben from JMS Stroked CA Sil80 (tough looking car with the engine to back it up), Ferrari 458 Italia, VIP inspired white JZX100 Mark II (nice to see a different style compared to most of the 100's out there), and the RX3 coupe's (favourite mazda of all time). Seemed like a good turnout crowd wise as well which is good! Well done to the organisers on putting together an awesome display of imports, keeping our scene strong and giving the general public a positive view on the import scene, keep up the good work! -Chris
  12. Yeah ive seen your cressy, i do my road tests past your place lol. Easy done, just give me a yell when your ready mate. -Chris
  13. hydro handbrake- which one to buy? driftworks?

    Just bought Driftworks hydro and braided line kits from Phil @ Cartel Australia. Cant reccomend them highly enough. Excellent price, excellent quality and they look really good too with the btight orange braided lines. -Chris
  14. 2011 Hardtuned.net Xmas Charity Cruise

    Cheers dude, its a shame there is next to no VIP scene here in adelaide. I see a few early GS300/Aristo's getting around but yet to see another JZS160 like mine that has been modified in Adelaide. -Chris