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  1. 180sx (Help)

    yea i just checked it may not be hooked up though it didnt do anything cheers.
  2. 180sx (Help)

    thanks mate.
  3. 180sx (Help)

    Hey, Just a quick question their is this dial underneath my steering wheel, i have no idea if it is aftermarket, or stock. What does it do, i cant figure it out. Here is a picture (sorry its massive)
  4. cheers mate, what bran is your front mount because i still have the stock side mount intercooler, and i want to get a veeport BOV legal im sure
  5. haha ill do it right now. the car is turbo'd but got no Blow off valve, should i get one and if so what type? cheers
  6. to easy i probably worded the post wrong just asaking what people have done to there cars not what i should do with mine.
  7. ease up bud. and thanks for the info im looking into drift schools atm.
  8. Ok thanks yea the previous owner didn't know what the boost controller was for so he just had it on zero, for a noticeably difference in boost keeping in mind that there are minimal mods to the performance of car what psi would you recommend? and thanks for all the help
  9. Just a type X body kit. And thanks for all that info, ill look into the 14 psi think ill need a new fuel pump but that should be good. Thanks mate
  10. Yea just general road use with abit of drift, and im just wondering on what people have done with thier 180sx's
  11. Hey Every one, i am a proud new owner of a Nissan 180sx i know not much about nissans, and i would love your advice on what you have done to yours. the mods on this car are very simple, - New suspension -wheels -Body Kit -Leather interior seat covers.