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  1. Motul introduction

    I swear by Motul Oils and use them in all my cars, for details check out http://engineeredtoslide.com/2011/10/180sx-oil-tech/
  2. Looking forward to this! The 180 is ready to go and the ETS merch stand will be setup, so if you feel a little cold come and grab a hoodie.
  3. ADGP Round 1 review

    Its pretty scary! I watched Scott Ms footage and the hit was huge.
  4. ADGP Round 1 review

    Thanks for the shot luke, had an amazing time, massive thanks to Yoshi, Rob, Chance, Amy, Andrew and all the other crew for the organization side of things. Thanks to everyone who picked up some gear from the ETS tent, loved the track layout so much! I just wanted to keep going, lap after lap. I wish my qualifying runs placed a few spots higher so i didnt have to go against Fink in the top 16. Crazy battles from everyone, bring on round 2!
  5. VicDrift Practice Day - September 2011

    My ears were bleeding ^ haha, awesome day, loved the mixed conditions, gave the tires a break. Had a super fun day.
  6. Man i want LS power! Less parts more bake!!
  7. http://engineeredtoslide.com/category/180sx/page/3/ This solved my problem, pretty easy to make and they dont rub through
  8. 1991 Nissan 180sx

    The latest Vid http://www.vimeo.com/21084858
  9. 1991 Nissan 180sx

    I still have my gf's S14 and the two S15s, ones just missing a driveline atm as its in the ute, my black one is very slowly being built for club sprint work. Its just so hard to find the time and money to keep progressing on everything. I would never sell or rape parts from any of my cars because theres so much time and effort gone into each one it would be a waste. Im running on a sub 50K income, trying to build a new drift car, maintain and compete in the current one and live a semi normal life. I couldnt be more happy with my 180SX though, its just so nice to drive!
  10. 1991 Nissan 180sx

    Im back Its been a long time since ive posted in here, just thought this car deserves an update, i went through a stage of constant modification with this car and have now settled down and started strictly driving then cleaning and fixing it. Ive been so happy with the state of tune its in now that after every event i fit new tires, give it a wash, fix the little things that need attention and get it ready for the next event. My ute build has been taking a bit of time off this car and my two tone silvia but im still working on them all. So far this 2011 ive done the Matsuri and 5 days at TopGear live, ill post an incar clip soon. Some photos from the downtime i havnt visited NS. Head over to www.engineeredtoslide.com for more updates and photos.
  11. VicDrift Matsuri 2011 - The Aftermath thread

    This threads bringing up good points, before the sweeper winton was fun but there was something missing, now the sweepers included IM IN LOVE! Get the crowd over there and run a comp around the sweeper and through the back section. So much fun..
  12. VicDrift Drift Matsuri 2011

    This is awesome!! Is he a plumber?
  13. VicDrift Newsletter Feb 2011 Edition

    Looking forward to it!!