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    saw you mate, I was the red s15, p plates, had the roof wing on the western ring road
  2. Melbourne bound from SYD


  4. My red s15 photoshoot :D

    Are you allowed to have a turbo car on P plates or under 21? Not exactly sure on the laws but I was under the impression P-platers or under 21's can't have a turbo or v8. Maybe I'm wrong. nah the jdm spec s' came N/A
  5. My red s15 photoshoot :D

    ah i see, thanks for that ill let my mate know haha. it's a jdm spec s
  6. My red s15 photoshoot :D

    More to come! sorry for the low res, ill try get some better ones off my mate!
  7. S15 SR20DE Fuel Pump

    Hey guys just wondering what Fuel Pump I should use to replace my old one as my car just randomly stops when I'm driving =S My car is a s15 spec s sr20de
  8. Photoshop S15 help?

    Im not really fussed, just want the photos to look something from a shoot haha. I can't get higher res this is what my friend gave me thanks mate
  9. Photoshop S15 help?

    Can anyone help photoshop these shitty ass attempt at a rolling shot for my S15? Didn't use a shutter Any help would be appreciated, cheers
  10. Soon to be an S15 owner!

    It's gotta be JDM spec!
  11. -s14 sr20det 5 speed gearbox -hd exedy clutch -clutch pedal -master and slave cylinders -tailshaft -flywheel -crossmemeber -starter motor all parts are from an s14, would they fit my s15?
  12. S15 Autech Authenticity

    pics of engine bay please
  13. Searched everywhere and I couldn't find anything. If I do a conversion from an (import) auto s15 to a manual s15 (Getting it done at a shop) Will VicRoads change my car details to manual transmission and if I were to tell my insurance company that a manual conversion has been professionally done would they still cover me?
  14. Price : $200 Condition : Used JDM S15 factory optioned wheels with RWC treads, just passed my rwc a week ago. Came off my JDM s15 which has 32,xxx kms. Wheels have TINY gutter rash, very good condition! 200 ONO!
  15. As I got new shoes, I want to sell my stockies with rwc tyres. (Passed a week ago) How much do you reckon they would sell for?