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  1. N/A Slider!

    And here are some Photos of me Sliding my mates NA Auto skyline, Specs = Coilovers, welded diff. Bit of wet weather fun!
  2. N/A Slider!

    Only signed up yesterday but I thought I would share My ride(s) Started off 3 years ago in a Onevia Brought it As a sr20de Auto, Coil overs and 18" Euro-lines. From there I Did alot of this! Then this So i brought this. 180sx bare shell, most of the interior. It is a bit rough. But perfect new project for a clean street car. Started Preping the shell and was going to make it look all pretty! But ran out of Funds! So i put it together and took it to the track!
  3. Hey All!

    Thanks man! Hopefully the 180 will be a clean street/track car soon! If I Dont do to many track days before ;p
  4. Hey All!

    Hey Every one. My names Nickk, basic 19 year old, over the last few months I have been building Another NA Slider. I owned a Onevia for about 3 years with no dramas, gained alot of skill and Taught myself Alot to do with Cars Sadly I got rear ended at the track and its not longer around. Here is a photo of the onevia before The accident. Specs: Sr20de Manual Extractors Tein coilovers Camber and toe rear arms From there I Brought a 180sx Shell. Basicly bare. No Rolling gear, most interior. Started preping the shell then ran out of Funds and decided to just get it running and take it to the track! Here it is I will Put up more Info and photos in the right section later. Here is a small video of a skidpan night i did!