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  1. Asian Music

    I've never really listened to many Chinese songs, I'll give it a shot.
  2. Asian Music

    j-pop, k-pop, yeah it's embarrassing and I sound like a 14 year old girl but don't hate it till you taste it man...haha
  3. Asian Music

    I have no idea why I'm trying to find Asian music fans on a website like this, but at least I tried. anybody?
  4. The Anime Thread

    I hate to say it, but Naruto is without a doubt the best anime ever created. Give it some credit, yes it's cartoon network, but it's still goddamn amazing. Intense fights, unique and individual characters, and a pretty decent storyline. Bonus points for being able to talk about it with people who aren't really anime fans but have seen the show.
  5. What the fox say?

    I hate this song so much. I can't wait until next week when everybody has forgotten about it.
  6. What happened to hip hop/rap?

    Eminem's new album out soon. Heard one of the tracks, "Berserk". Seems like he's going back to his old style of music in this album, which is amazing news. He might manage to pull himself off the path he's been heading ever since he...stopped doing drugs. Yes, Eminem was a better artist when he was an addict. Drugs are good for SOME things, kids.
  7. aussie hip hop

    anyone heard anything about the Hood's new album? It's supposed to be called "Walking Under Stars". I don't really like the name but hopefully they do an "Eminem" and go back to their old, good music in this album.
  8. The Anime Thread

    Has anyone seen the anime for claymore? And is it worth getting because I'm reading the manga. I also started reading naruto (I know I haven't read/watched it before I'm off the rails) um... Oh yeah. K-On. Ahem. That one too.
  9. Controversial Topic Thread

    Well I can see your point that it's obviously a lot harder to control, and unless a country LOSES a war nobody can do much about it. Also, the Geneve Convention has actually helped a lot, it's warded people away from commiting war-crimes and punished those who have. Better than not having laws at all! If you were a victim of a war crime, wouldn't you be glad there were laws in place to punish them? As for the car security, same thing again. It deters people from commiting war crimes, and even if it doesn't stop them 100% of the time, it's still good to have it there. If the Geneva Convention wasn't in place then I'm almost certain both sides of the civil war would be commiting war crimes, as there would be nothing really to stop them. I know you didn't directly call me retarded, but you didn't have to make such a big deal out of someone ACTUALLY UNDERSTANDING THE QUESTION. I know why jails are in place, I know why people go to them, and so does everybody with half a brain. I just didn't understand the question because of how you worded it. So faith in humanity couldn't have been restored, as it was never taken away in the first place, right? I understand the question now, so don't worry about it anymore, k? I'll have to respond to posts via "Edit" Button now. I've got a cap on how much I can post. Cheers.
  10. Controversial Topic Thread

    Sorry, it was just how it was worded... But that's completely different! We're talking about entire nations breaking the rules of warfare itself, not some guy stealing a loaf of bread. If anybody disobeys what's written in the Geneva Convention, and end up having to pay for it...we're not talking about a knuckle-wrapping here. I don't think it would leave a good mark on their reputation either. You realise the military can't just go around doing what they want, no matter how stupid the media makes the U.S army out to be. Besides, there have been no cases of anybody destroying/rendering useless/stealing resources at all during the Syrian Civil War. TLDR: Military bodies and civilians are different things, and nobody has broken the Geneva Convention in the Syrian Civil War anyway, and likely never will. Also, you didn't have to get so angry. I asked you to clarify, but you responded the typical way everyone does when they think they're really smart, and acted like I was retarded. So cheers.
  11. Controversial Topic Thread

    ^wut What do you mean prisons aren't allowed? Not sure I understand. Or do you mean the stuff they do in prisons?
  12. Controversial Topic Thread

    You're probably thinking of Saudi Arabia, Syria exports a lot of oil but not nearly as much as other countries. You're not allowed to destroy resources or steal them, if that's what you were thinking. It was banned in the Geneva Conventions.
  13. Controversial Topic Thread

    The media has really put a bad perspective on the whole Syrian Civil War. They make it out to be like the whole country hates the government, when in reality, the number of people against it is actually quite small. The media is also very good at making one group out to be good, and another to be very bad. many countries have had interventions, and the U.S has supplied the rebels withstuff like medical aid and communications equipment. All non-lethal equipment, so they don't get dragged into it too far. Other countries have helped the rebels as well, but for the U.S to go and send troops in to fight with the rebels would be stupid and unnecessary. They can't afford another war, and would just be making things worse for themselves. Australia has already said they aren't going to intervene.
  14. aussie hip hop

    Yeah, Hoods have gone started to make songs to appeal to the mainstream, rather than sticking to their old formula, but their songs are still great. So long as they keep rapping about important things and not money/cars/hoes and don't start doing dubstep remixes. It feels like they're soaking up the attention a little too much, forgetting about what they used to be. Hopefully they don't end up like 360. I bought The Herd's new album and I personally thought it was great. They are just one of those bands that focus a lot on the message. The songs were great, all individual and unique. Loved it. Not sure if I've listened to any of Urthboy's latest tracks... When did his new album come out? I've only listened to a handful of songs from foreverlution, and didn't find anything that really stood out. Just my opinion. I don't really know a lot about Spit Syndicate, only listened to three of their songs, but "Starry Eyed" was amazing.
  15. Shrine of KEMP