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  1. Hi guys came home yesty arvo home and my brake lights are on can't turn them off, anyhelp would be good cheers
  2. also does anybody know if the bearing was the same in all s13s or did they vary from ca/sr and Q/K
  3. Hey Guys I need a strut top bearings for a 1988 silvia Q, anyone know where i can get one and price? Thanks
  4. ShopBot With the cheapest being at YouShop247. I have had 2 friends go through them, without any hassles at all.
  5. Groovin' the Moo

    Yep me and 10 mates will be there.... Managed to get a hold of VIP tickets too
  6. Yeah guys get WT with the drums.... soo cool Now got 2 guitars, a mic, drums etc rock on
  7. Whats the best Anti-Virus nowadays?

    Me too. I happen to come across some quite often, it deletes them straight away, and noticed that its brilliant for scanning emails
  8. Join the Hardtuned.net Club House

    I'll join as soon as my PS3 comes back online
  9. Cannot go wrong with SE... I have a C902 and its the best phone I've owned. I hate Nokias with a passion these days
  10. Sat Nav units

    My garmin used to do that.... but it wasnt a fake and wasnt cheap.
  11. Sat Nav units

    I've used all 3 (on road ALL the time) basically, its Navman that doesnt let me down. My garmin had alot of bugs (wrong routes etc) and Tomtom just wasnt as quick as Navman. Meh. Navman also has very quick warranty repairs
  12. Need For Speed Undercover

    Ok so returned to EB yesterday. Got motorstorm and burnout paradise... lets hope they're better
  13. Need For Speed Undercover

    you ARE the cop you get leads and then after awhile get asked to take them down ok... can you get a cop car?
  14. Need For Speed Undercover

    question. how on earth do you be the cops in the game? +1 for hating it so far
  15. I'm not going to lie, I love a bet, but honestly I cannot remember the last time I had ANY luck on cup day! Personally I'll have some money on Mad Rush (D Oliver ftw) Anyone got some decent picks for me? Need all the help I can get! Cheers