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  1. s15 sr20det 6 speed boxes?


    Kimi wins
  3. s15 sr20det 6 speed boxes?

    my S15 has the original 6-speed box that was fitted from factory - since new, my car has been taken to over 20 trackdays, some back in Sydney and the rest here in Malaysia's Sepang F1 circuit (i shipped my car back when i left the country). My car makes 257 kw at the wheels, and over 600Nm of torque, and has been running this kind of power & torque for over 2 1/2 years now. No problems at all with the original box - i think the attention paid to maintenance (regular oil changes, every 3000km for me!) and shifting technique may help mitigate the inherent design problems. that said though, if you're doing drags or drifting which puts a lot of strain on the drivetrain, i doubt the box would last. just fitted a nismo 6-speed box though - want better ratios for faster lap times around the track heheh.
  4. hi there, for S13 / S14 cars that originally came with the 5-speed manual, Nissan has a transmission mounting kit available that will allow you to fit the nismo 6-speed gearbox. the kit comes with some hardware that you'd need, part no is 3137S-RRS50 i think. you'll also need the S15 flywheel and clutch, as well as shift knob. if you need the 6-speed prop shaft, part no is 37000-RRS51-S3 hope that helps...
  5. split fire direct ignition,

    Another option you could consider is fitting the HKS TwinPower unit I'm running the HKS TwinPower DLI-II on my SR20DET with Splitfire coilpacks, engine ran a lot better once the TwinPower was installed. Splitfire coilpacks alone are not very useful...
  6. i fitted a Trust R-SPL HG front mount intercooler kit to my S15.. did not have to modify the reinforcement bar at all to clear the intercooler. maybe investigate which intercooler kits specific for your own car, will bolt on without causing clearance problems?
  7. which tyres should i choose

    the s03 is a better tyre than the gIII. Correct. but i wasn't talking about the GIII. The RE001 Adrenalin may be a GIII replacement, but Bridgestone has positioned it to take the AD07 Neova head-on (i.e. ultra high performance tyre). Tread pattern of the RE001 is a hybrid of the RE01R flagship tyre on the outside of the tyre (wide tread blocks for cornering performance), and the other half has the RE050 tread pattern (for all weather performance). Do a web search for it, check out the reviews, then give your tyre shop a call I don't know about Australia, but the S03 has long been discontinued in Asia and replaced with better tyres ps> one of my cars here runs the S03 Pole Position, so I do have 3 yrs of experience with the tyres, and I can honestly say that my first recommendation, the RE050A, is a much better tyre. no harm in asking your tyre shop if they can get it for you!
  8. which tyres should i choose

    can you get the Bridgestone RE050A tyres in Australia? for street use, highly recommended - excellent grip in dry & wet. personally, I run the Advan Neova AD07 tyre, which is second only to the Bridgestone RE01R tyre for dry handling, but they're not too good in torrential rain (tread pattern can't clear standing water very well....) the new Bridgestone RE001 Adrenalin is a replacement for the Bridgestone Potenza GIII - reviews so far have been pretty good, perhaps you may want to give that a try? cheers,
  9. PowerGetter or RM01-A

    i used to have the RM01A on my S15 while I was in Sydney. excellent ground clearance + low noise = zero defects for over 2 years. I drove the car daily in the Sydney CBD, and was also frequently around homebush, flemington, regents park, etc -> never had any trouble with the boys in blue i'd recommend it if you are at all concerned about the above factors. if you don't care bout noise, etc then just go for a HKS Hi-Power 409 (if you can still find one) - 85mm piping / APEXi GT-spec exhaust - 95mm piping for power. I think the Trust also makes a 95mm exhaust, but can't recall what the model was. maybe Power Evolution. I'm no longer in Australia -> I shipped my S15 with me when I left. Where I'm at now, ppl don't give a damn about exhaust noise / emissions, so I got rid of the RM01A really quick and unlocked a fair bit of extra performance. Very happy with my HKS Hi Power!
  10. Advice on FMIC

    My Trust R-SPL HG kit only needed cutting @ battery tray, and minor trimming on the front bar, which as Spazo says, is not really obvious. no cutting of the front bumper support / crash bar required at all.
  11. how about it discopotato03 ? :yes:
  12. well said juggernaut! I am stuck in no-man's land at the moment, with my GT28RS with 0.86 exhaust housing cranking out 257rwkw. The response and torque is amazing with the present set up. However, I am chasing more power for circuit running at Sepang F1 circuit (most of the track is spent with wide open throttle) and the GT28RS should pretty much be running at its limit already. I've been following the various threads on the forum comparing the GT2871R and GT3071R / GT3076R with interest. Personally, I'm not interested in running the GT2871R with 0.64 housing, so I am considering the GT2871R with 0.86 exhaust housing / one of the GT3071R variants, but I'm not too keen on the reputed lag of the former (GT2871R) / relatively low amount of torque made in the low RPM range with the larger turbines evidenced in the dyno sheets that have been posted online of the GT3071R setups. Sure they make full boost by ~ 4100 rpm, but the torque curve while boost is building is quite poor compared to what i'm used to. While it's a natural trade-off when going for a larger turbo to make more power, I really do need the turbo to have strong torque even at lower RPMs for the kick exiting slow technical corners. A twin scroll 2871R with 0.86 turbine housing & internal gate sounds like a very interesting proposition to solve my dilemma! :yes:
  13. GT28RS Disco Potato Size

    When I used to be in Sydney, 0.86 exhaust housing on GT28RS made ~ 222kw @ the wheels on 1.2 bar of boost (APEXi PFC D-Jetro). Engine = stock. Best part was the crazy torque, 622Nm I moved overseas and shipped my S15 with me, but living in hot tropical Malaysia (humidity over 65%, average temp ~ 33 deg C), the tuning had to be a lot less aggressive with the PowerFC as it does not have load compensation. Was very unhappy with the results, so.... Ripped out the ECU and replaced it with a full F-Con V Pro system, tuned by HKS Garage-R Singapore Engine is still stock (STD cams !!! hahahahahahaha), but with better support mods, my car is now making 257kw @ wheels on 1.4 bar of boost, tuned to run on as low as 95 octane fuel. Turbo and engine has proven to be reliable thanks to the many safeguards and layers of tuning made possible with the F-Con V Pro - car has done many trackdays at Sepang F1 circuit without any problems over the last 18 months Engine build-up with forgies, cams, etc planned later this year, but still intend to retain the GT28RS hehe 8) sorry for the long post PS> Car & Mods can be viewed at: http://www.drift.com.my/forum/garage.php?m...icle&CID=18
  14. GT wings.

    Gambla, could I ask how wide is your GT wing? can't decide whether 1500mm or 1600mm is the way to go. i'm looking to get one for my S15 soon as I run my car only for trackdays, and it's rarely ever driven on street
  15. Getting parts overseas

    SS Racing @ Old Klang Road just outside of KL has wide range of stuff at reasonable prices Wangan Racing @ Sunway has some great deals too