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  1. a31 cefiro?

    http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/Ce...ans-Ta-f83.html whole bunch of ceffy owners on SAU in the ceffy section.
  2. This for you S13 hardcores... http://www.superfunhappysliders.com/fun/pu...t_in_my_s13.mp3 and this is for you AE86 street racers... http://www.superfunhappysliders.com/fun/ae86_i_love_you.mp3 enjoy
  3. how to get a cams lisence

    SAU VIC charges $50 for membership (guess, we *used* to be the cheapest if SCC is only $35) and the Level 2 Non Speed CAMS license is $48... but if you're gettin a Level 2 Speed License, then its $88. Most people pay the extra $40 so they can do sprint and circuit days as well. L2NS should cover you for most drift and motorkhana days. Oh and if you're 17 or under its $12 for Speed and Non Speed licenses. You'd be best off getting hooked up with a club that's national or in the same state as you, so that you can benefit from club discounts and maybe get involved in motorsports other than drifting.
  4. yeah but he's talkin about Alex Kantar... who's pretty much a wanted man (or kid... think he's only 18) on SAU for ripping people off, selling dodgy fuel pumps etc etc... last I heard he was workin at Holfords in melb or some shit like that. Garage 13 Alex is a different guy to the one he's referring to. Garage 13 Alex rocks. he's also single and available for dating (apparently).
  5. My trip to Japan - July 9-16

    I'll have my J-girl bleached blonde with loose morals thanks Kristian.
  6. My trip to Japan - July 9-16

    USS tokyo, Kobe and Osaka are huuuuuuuuuuge. My tip is to take a foldable scooter to the auctions (like mark)... or buy a segway then you can be all white n nerdy. Have fun on your trip... updates and pics... set up a flickr account and blog it
  7. I have: 1983 AE86 Toyota Corolla Sprinter I want: 1997 JZS161 Toyota Aristo with a 2JZ Used to own back in 1998: 1993 Toyota Sera with 4E-FTE engine conversion
  8. Tango Car - Electric!

    108,000 for half a car? wtf
  9. rps13 ?

    same with mine... factory Type X with no HICAS http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.p...howtopic=238155 although it seems some knckleheads are convinced you have to have post 1996 tail lights to have a Type X.
  10. The fastest Car to date in Thailand

    there was coverage on Option mag of the HKS drags on in tthailand not long ago... there was a GTR with a 2JZ and AWD.... wtf. you guys are on seriously good drugs.
  11. Skylinesaustralia

    NS is good for shits n giggles... but SAU's where the serious stuffs at. Its good to have a balance.
  12. TUFF import pics

    not necessarily... ZT's a good place cos the idiots are screened out and only those who actually participate or wrench are allowed on. If that happened on NS that'd cull about 90% of the members The ones who are on there mostly know their shit. Plus its the only place other than drifting.com where jap, euro, kiwi, aussie, asian, russian and yanks all post on the same forum... and drifting.com's average IQ's about the same as the age of its members. And rats... I missed out on the Oz Vs World thread... that's what you get for taking a 6 month break off all forums. *runs off n checks how we did*
  13. TUFF import pics

    First rule of Ziptied... There is no Ziptied
  14. DRAG TAG DRIFT DEMO [PICS] + [Video]

    Hai Boss for Prime Minister! Rosh sucks at teh drift Apparently he's gonna do a coverup job with a fender flare... sorry... "widebody guard"
  15. Look what I bid on today...

    hehe remind me to update ya when it gets there... damn the pommes and their awesome exchange rate when it comes to yen.