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  1. Not for the faint-hearted. This bodykit will flare your R32 out by about 3 inches on either side. You'll need 10" and 11" wide wheels MINIMUM front and back respectively to fill out the guards.


    A mould has been taken off this bodykit, and shoddy quality copies are being sold by some shops in melbourne. This kit is the genuine article the mould was taken off, and is the ONLY genuine one in Australia. Copies are being sold in the $3500's.


    Features that are better than the copies:

    When you hold the kit up to the light you won't see through it. f**k knows how people can sell bodykits that have one layer of fibreglass and stay in business. The genuine item is very thick and solid, so you don't have to worry too much about someone breaking your kit by leaning on it.

    It will fit, first go... you won't have to pissfart around with it for months to get it to align with your guard or the curve of the bonnet etc.

    It only costs $3200 plus shipping if you're outside of the melbourne metro area.

    It has 9 pieces. Copies only have 8 because I forgot to give the mould maker one piece.

    Genuine kits don't result in this:



    As for pics, I'll have pics of the bodykit on tuesday, but for now, here's a pic of Adam's track car with the first copy that was made




    and here's the BN Sports website


    and pics:




    This is an unpainted, unmodified, never installed kit, virtually brand new. You couldn't get it cheaper even if you ordered direct from Japan.


    PM, email shan at j-spec.com.au or phone 0430534956 if you're interested.

  2. SAU VIC charges $50 for membership (guess, we *used* to be the cheapest if SCC is only $35) and the Level 2 Non Speed CAMS license is $48... but if you're gettin a Level 2 Speed License, then its $88. Most people pay the extra $40 so they can do sprint and circuit days as well. L2NS should cover you for most drift and motorkhana days.


    Oh and if you're 17 or under its $12 for Speed and Non Speed licenses.


    You'd be best off getting hooked up with a club that's national or in the same state as you, so that you can benefit from club discounts and maybe get involved in motorsports other than drifting.

  3. ^^^ looks like ns.com has an anti buy from alex spammer lols

    yeah but he's talkin about Alex Kantar... who's pretty much a wanted man (or kid... think he's only 18) on SAU for ripping people off, selling dodgy fuel pumps etc etc... last I heard he was workin at Holfords in melb or some shit like that.


    Garage 13 Alex is a different guy to the one he's referring to. Garage 13 Alex rocks. he's also single and available for dating (apparently). :wub:

  4. was never banned at all.. i post from time to time... but i feel only americans/japs have a real reason to post on there as it revolves around their scene... i just admire the build threads and the effort they all put in


    unlike the australia vs the world thread...

    not necessarily... ZT's a good place cos the idiots are screened out and only those who actually participate or wrench are allowed on. If that happened on NS that'd cull about 90% of the members :P The ones who are on there mostly know their shit. Plus its the only place other than drifting.com where jap, euro, kiwi, aussie, asian, russian and yanks all post on the same forum... and drifting.com's average IQ's about the same as the age of its members.


    And rats... I missed out on the Oz Vs World thread... that's what you get for taking a 6 month break off all forums. *runs off n checks how we did*

  5. Car's still for sale due to timewasting. we're clearing up the shop, so the car's been relocated to my house. So naturally, inspections by appointment only.


    I'll drop another $100 off the asking price (that makes it $1100) if it'll help sell it quicker. I'll also throw in a free tow to any Melbourne suburbs in the north (around thommo etc), west (around sunshine) and south east (glenny, dandy etc) on a super fun happy driftline truck.

  6. $1000 cage nd diff, ill put the money in your account tomoro, my number is 0437911415 - call me

    cage might be sold pending freight costs so I can't cut you a deal. But I can sell them separately for more than $1000, sorry dude, save up a lil more and gimme a call ;)


    Engine, box etc is complete... has been out of a car for about a year and a bit now... all the pipes and holes have always been plugged up and its been sitting on a pallet in a rack. Was running fine when it came out of the car. You'll need a AFM to get it running again, that's about it. I'll take offers around $1500 for the full setup or near offer.

  7. I won't be parting out the engine package. It comes with coilpacks, manifold, turbo, ecu, and loom. Although one of the customers who walked into the store today expressed interest so its tentatively sold atm. I'll know for sure tomorrow.


    Engine has been sitting at the back of the workshop for about a year. You guys are more than welcome to come and compression test it etc. This is a sudden decision to get rid of all the rubbish that I've accumulated, so for specific details like mileage on engine etc you'll have to wait till I dig up receipts.


    Location is Victoria (as per title of thread) specifically its a private collection of parts stashed at the back of the workshop. Workshop address, directions and contact numbers are on our website (www.driftline.com.au).


    Price on rims are $300 if you pick em up from the shop. If you wanted to make the rims wider, all you do is get a professional wheel shop to take the wheel apart, then machine you a wider outer band. Costs about $200 per rim, and you instantly have however much "dish" you want to get your rims flush. Getting tyres to fit the width is another story :P

  8. Quick update... the Hasemi Sport rims up for sale are actually off a 180sx, so the offset should be suitable for 180sx's, S13's and R32's and cefs. You'll need spacers to put em onto a hachirusto. The reason I bought these is because they are a 3 piece rim, so a custom width or offset can be made up in the future if necessary, simply by having inner and/or ourter bands machined up.


    I'll part with em for $300 pickup

  9. Aussie Sprinter Shell. Comes with interior, but not attached to car.


    Interior and engine bay has been dismantled (all parts still in car) for sandblasting and race prep, but never was completed due to other more important (and costly... hence the sale) projects getting priority... namely a widebody R32 project and a track car.


    Shell comes with:

    JDM tyte driver side headlight and mirror (passenger side is AUDM) ... don't ask me why :P

    rear disc brakes, T18 diff, king springs and munroe shocks

    all mirrors, windows and glass intact

    does not have engine and gearbox or radiator, also missing rear seat and passenger seat

    has minor rust, not as bad as most of the other AE86's I've seen

    has full owner history and original purchase reciepts and logs from 1983 (I found it a novelty item)

    shell has done about 400,000 kms

    shell was painted by previous owner in black ghetto spray paint, and is chipping off to reveal the original blue colour

    all panels are included including front bumper and stock fenders


    VIN: AE86-0004804

    Series: 00

    Date: Jun/1983











    Service Book:



    Original Owner:



    Regular service history:



    Rust protection done by dealer:








    most recent pic, fenders and bonnet has been reattached now though


    Looking for $1200 for shell and parts in car but will entertain sane offers


    Also for sale:

    CA18DET and gearbox with ECU, loom and S14 turbo (was meant to go into the AE86 shell after race prep)



    8 point rollcage for AE86



    TRD 2 way LSD



    2 letterbox grilles, one with a slight crack, one without blemishes



    set of 4 Hasemi Sports wheels 16"x7" and 16"x8" which were meant to go on the AE86




    VIC numberplate BOR086



    Open to offers on these parts, its been a while since these were bought, so I can't remember how much I paid for em... I'll update with prices once I find receipts


    I'm hardly ever on these forums these days which sorta blows... if you don't hear back from me email me at shan@driftline.com.au or send me a free sms by sending an email to shan_mobile@driftline.com.au


    All items including shell are at Driftline Racing in Campbellfield, feel free to drop in and say hi and check out the stuff in person.


    Hope I included enough pics :P Already have a couple of guys from AE86DrivingClub coming down to check it out (man they're quick... we're talking within minutes of it being listed) So if you're keen please be quick.