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  1. Okay so I have this guy at work who has a vendetta against me for some reason. He has reported me for hooning (I know because apparently I was doing burnouts in the area I work in) and have since been pulled over. I haven't actually done anything no skids or anything. My car is legal height and has maybe one defect my fault I know working on getting it fixed. Why I'm posting this is because I would like any advise to prove my innocence in this as now I'm targeted everytime I drive my 180.
  2. WTB[qld] S14 or 180sx rolling shell

    Hey guys and gals I'm in the market to buy a new project and want a new base. I'm looking for either a S14 or 180sx or even a clean as f*ck S13. I have a budget of $1500 'MORE' for the right shell and on it's condition. I know what I'm looking to buy and what I'm willing to pay. and also willing to wait if you not parting for a month or so. I don't want to buy your silvia that's been bounced off every wall at QR and archy or full of rust. Colour or paint work does not matter as long as all panels are straight. It much be rolling I can supply my own wheels if need be but 'MUST' have all panels and lights and most interior and all glass. I'm going to be picky this time around because I'm sick of trying to find the small pain in the ass parts to make it complete. If you have one or know someone that fits this criteria shoot me a text on 0421 768 632
  3. Hey guy. I'm doing a s14 s1 sr20det vct into s13 and just want to know where there knock sensor loom comes from. Is it on the engine harness(s14) or does it it come off the fuse box in the engine bay Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Hey guys So I'm doing a s1 sr20det vct black top conversion. I don't have any of my s13 redtop stuff left. And buying a complete motor box combo. Couple of questions. Will the Gearbox x member of the s14 bolt straight into the s13 body. And also if someone could point me in the right direction on where to find out. What wiring I need to change. Any help on this conversion would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Okay guys. Can someone point me In right direction. I have searched and found nothing. I have a s1 s14 sr20det vct motor with the s14 engine loom and ecu. What wiring if any do I need to change.
  6. Okay guys. Can someone point me In right direction. I have searched and found nothing. I have a s1 s14 sr20det vct motor with the s14 engine loom and ecu. What wiring if any do I need to change.
  7. s13 3 inch cat back exhuast

  8. s13 3 inch cat back exhuast

    Up for sale is my 3 inch mild steel exhaust for s13 cat back. It does need a flange as pervious owner cut it die to seized bolts. I'm chasing $130 ono or swaps for other s13 parts. Text me on 04217686threetwo
  9. So I'm buying a motor box package from a mate and it comes with prop shaft. It all came out of a s14. My question is will the propshaft fit in my s13??
  10. Mod Plates

    Okay sweet thanks for that. Sr20det it is then.
  11. Mod Plates

    Hey guys. Couldn't find much info on this question. I have a 1989 silvia it was originally ca18de I then put a sr20det in it and got a mod plate for it. My question is I have recently sold my sr20 to pay so bills when I was Unemployed and still have the shell. With the mod plate already there and I drop a Rb20det or rb25det in it without having to get get a new mod plate. Cheers sorry if it's a noob question. I'm just unsure.
  12. Sorry not silvia related. But I'm new to Melbourne and wouldn't know where to look or find out about anyone down here. So girlfriends barina ground off battery melted and has also melted a few others wires in the engine bay as well. So wondering if there's any cheap auto eleccys around the northern suburbs that you would recommend Thanks heaps Nick Thanks heaps
  13. Break in attempt broadmedows

    By the time I got in my car he had already gone from my sight :@
  14. Break in attempt broadmedows

    So I was waiting for my girlfriend to finish work in broadmedows and I heard an alarm going off so I went out side and sire enough it was my silvia. And a guy running away. So if anyone on this side of Melbourne be aware. Nick
  15. Nick's 1989 matte black s13 silvia

    hey guys and gals, thought id put up something in members rides/build thread. so it all started late last year I had just given my mum my my98 rx 2.5 liberty and was time for a change from the awd, so I started looking around for a silvia I wanted to get an s14 but funds were a little low so I started looking at s13 and came across this 1989 sr20det converted matte black s13. it was pretty much built ready to drift and was still road registered, which was freaking awesome for myself. the only thing really holding it back from the old owner was it was a little under powered for him to drift. the power was perfect for me as I was just starting out drifting. the car was imported in 08 from japan with a ca18de auto in it the previous owner then put an sr20det manual in it. to this day the car sits as a 1989 imported s13 with a sr20det, it has a high flowed t24 turbo, d&d coilovers, FMIC, rocker stoppers, GKtech brake master cylinder stoppers,full turbo back 3 inch exhaust, GKtech drift button, and old nardi dori steering wheel, rack spacers,steering column solid bush, the diff has been apparently shimmed but it drives like its been welded, 53mm alloy radiator, GKtech silicon hoses, adjustable caster arms and adjustablke rear camber hoops. the points with the whole car is paint is not great, the diff has a little clunk in it. the more work I do to this car and add stuff I will update this as my intention is to eventally make it a track only car im just waiting for funds for a nice daily driver. Let me know what you guys think