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  1. *** pics of the day ***

    he must be so cosey.

    in many ways
  3. As Loz said Easier to do conversion with Series 1 Guards. If your going s14.5 it cheapr to buy a series 1
  4. The rebirthed 180sx

    That would have ot be on of the best purple's I've seen. Very nice mate.
  5. S1 or s2 engine in a s14

    Series 1's engins are black top with VVT.

    lets just forget to mention, that bruce lee trained at the gym , and also did 1000 push ups a day. (During training) He worked hard . Just cause lee has them strapped on doesn't mean that he uses it to get the way he is, he probably got paid etc. That product sells well on the same concept of "Get rich quick" marketing appeal. "Sit on your arse and wake up arnie"
  7. Hi guys, in my s14.5 process i thought with the new guards that i will get rid of the blinker and eventually buy the m3 style mirrors with the blinkers on them. What do i need to do so when i'm only running 2 sets of blinkers each side to maintain the normal flash speed. As i'm aware if one blinker is out in the circuit it flikers rapidly. Thanks guys.
  8. For the S14 owners

    No you can't plug your turbo timer into any of those plugs. - I've never noticed an electric windows cable in the centre area. Pics?
  9. Soon to be s14.5 Thanks to a tree.
  10. S14 Air-Con Controls

    I agree, have same problem fellas - ^^^^^^^
  11. Rebuilding an S14 T28

    Garret Charge $600 The rebeuild they do is second to none, when compared to a t28 ball bearing the rebuilt s14 turbo performed in areas we didn't expect. The quality of the rebuild will really suprise you.
  12. Battery in boot for s14

    A couple of my mates have big batteries in there boot, with lots of power ie, small boat batteries. That would be something i'd be looking at. What would $300~400 get me? Cheers Nav2k, TN
  13. Guys, wondering if anyone has moved their battery to the boot? Preferably an S14, IF so what problems / soultions did they encounter. What battery do they recommend? Some of my mates have big boat batteries in there boots. Where to get the materials, what guage wire to use for power and ground. Suggestions. Anything would be great guys. Cheers
  14. Ready to beef!

    Heres an idea, I'll sell you my S14 stock cooler + cooler piping, inlet manifold, turbo, exhaust manifold. And you can turbo your car $500 for the lot. So you still have $1000 to play around with.