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  1. Hey guys, just a quick heads up. Sam aka DR DRIFT has opened his doors to help get us to QLD to compete in round 2 of ADGP. He is going to be running a dyno day on this Sunday! All the details are in the flier below. Should be a sweet day, hoping for heaps of cars, got a bbq going, pro photographers and free iD stickers for every entrant. We will be going late into the night, so feel free to come past!!!! Any questions hit us up on the facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/InsaneDrifters
  2. ADGP Round 1 review

    who likes victory skids? http://www.insanedrifters.com/?p=2118
  3. extreme entry comp off the drag strip onto the sweeper? No dirt drops can happen there and imagine the angles you could pull off on the vht!!!!!
  4. VicDrift Practice Day

    Forsty in the morning then sunny afternoon. Should be a good day!
  5. Carbon Wrapping

    Wont wreck your paint if its a good factory job. Only time you will ever have dramas is if its over a shit respray. The vinyl protects your paint, doesnt damage it. Here are a few pics of the Z i did.
  6. Carbon Wrapping

    I've wrapped heaps of things in it. Full 350z wrap & Vito van too. Few tricks to it, but I can only recommend using quality materials not your eBay junk.
  7. VicDrift Practice Day

    Anaru, Gerald, You, Bry, Papacrockadopolis, etc etc etc..lol HAHAHAHA i will pay that. I know ender is driving too.
  8. VicDrift Practice Day

    Roll call. Who is driving and what groups??? I'll be there, car just needs a wash and some fuel!
  9. tokyo hostels

    Here ya go http://www.sakura-hotel.co.jp/location.php
  10. tokyo hostels

    Look up SAKURA HOTEL. We stayed there for a few nights. Was quite small but good prices and free net and shit, plus a 24 hr bar!
  11. ADGP calder park drifting

    Correct. All the vids from the dome are from a test day with the now gone DA owner. Andrew already has a layout in mind, which wil be different to these. There should be some more info about it in a few weeks, once he does some more testing out there. So everyone should settle down about if they will or wont like a track that doesnt even exist yet. Just get excited cause you dont have to drive 2.5 hours to watch or drive in a drift event!!!
  12. Fav old school game

    So many memories in here! Did anyone else play Pop n twinbee on snes? It was one of those scrolling plane games. I loved it. And another one I just thought of was everybody's golf on ps1.
  13. Federal Tyres Drift Attack 2011

    ^^^^ and more cash than FORMULA DRIFT!!!