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  1. Small/supporting mods

    awesome just jumped on their site and found it. will def be grabbin the kit soon.. cheers bruv
  2. get rid of flutter

    Install stock bov or doesn't matter? (aftermarket whatever)
  3. get rid of flutter

    I checked the pipe that people put the coke cap in.. There was noting in there. So I need to get a blow off valve to stop it?
  4. hoping i dont get flamed since im asking to REMOVE the flutter rather than how to do it.. I hate this.. Want to get rid of it asap.. so far after reading a few threads ive discovered it could be doing it just from having a pod or because the previous owner blocked the vacuum line? Shit sounds homo. If its from just having the pod does that mean im stuck with it :/
  5. Want to start a silvia or 180sx project

    s13 NA or a vtec honda.. both two good p plate options. my bro has a b16a2 dropped in his GA civic with a manual conversion.. thing flies! but yeah if you realllly want a silvia get an NA and just take care of it and sell it when you get off your p's and get a turbo model. gl.
  6. Small/supporting mods

    What do you class as minor? Cost, time, ease of installation, simplicity? The general rule seems to be the cheaper mods tend to take a lot more time to install, or skill to fabricate. well 1zz fze and 6330's posts (and most of the other replies) are what i was looking to see for example.. hey dude, where did you relocate your oil filter? wouldnt mind doing it myself.. i just bought my s14 last week so havnt changed the oil just yet and havnt had a chance to see where the filter is. is it originally in a c*** of a spot? some pics would be awesome if you can be fooked
  7. Hey peeps thought I might have a little contribution to the site by starting a thread that I think would be quite interesting. (Also very interested myself) What are some minor changes people have made to their sr's for non performance purposes that have had great turnouts (or even bad turnouts)? Also things that compliment your common modifications (cooler, bigger turbo etc) in order for them to run more efficiently.
  8. What happened to hip hop/rap?

    Where was that show? (On phone ATM can't check) Looks way better than the melb one
  9. Underground heads playlist

    Looking to see what some of the peeps on here that listen to underground hop hop (dj premier pete rock ditc crew etc)/ deep/funky US house (derrick carter, farina to name a few) and any experimental downtempo stuff like flying lotus etc (even any UK grime/dubstep/dnb) are bumpin on their systems. ''I Dont Usually Like Mc's But - DRS'' has a few dope ones for the car system.. Also alot of Roots Manuva's beats BUMP!!!
  10. aussie hip hop

    people gotta check out Dialect & Despair from adelaide.. They just dropped a new album too. two real proper dudes keepin it real. on a side note, cant go wrong with lyrical commission.. TREM = aus hip hop god and is up there with the worlds best mc's for sure.. Oh and Maundz/crate cartel are killin it.. That's about it for OZ hip hop for me, always be a US hip hop head
  11. What headphone do you use?

    MDR v6's - had em for years, havnt had even one problem, i swear by em.. comfy too.
  12. Dubstep? Drum N Bass? Anyone into it?

    love me some dnb, dubstep going mainstream and dying in the a** sorta ruined dubstep for me but anything underground that sounds good i still dig!
  13. What happened to hip hop/rap?

    Came in here to post this... http://youtu.be/hRVOOwFNp5U "You pick something up, try it out, and put it down two-minutes later. Then you complain about your life cause it ain’t getting catered. Now whoever tries to call you on your bullshit’s a hater." Hadn't ever listened to Hopsin before, but will definitely be checking out more of his stuff after seeing that ^ saw this dude live in richmond at corner hotel.. cool sorta thing hes got going on but not exactly my cup of tea
  14. What happened to hip hop/rap?

    dude check out KA and Roc Marciano.. two dudes im really big on atm. Few peeps that have dropped albums/mixtapes so far this year: Large Professor, Sean Price, Black Poet, Big Shug, Statik Selektah, Action Bronson, Reks, Dj Premier & Bumpy Knuckles. HEAPS out there man, will gladly pm you some stuff if you like just holla
  15. mixing and matching kits

    you got pics up in the members rides section by any chance man?