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  1. My Ride...

    Hey guys, Just thought I'd put my car details and some pics up... Made 401.7rwhp on 14psi. Hoping to get it re-tuned soon for about 18-20psi and hope the injectors don't max out but I suspect they will. So here goes, build consists of... CP Forged Pistons 86.5mm and rings HKS 264' in\ex cams Adjustable cam gears High flowed ported and polished head Stainless steel multilayered head gasket R33 reman crank (larger oil galleries) Eagle Rods ARP main studs ARP enlarged head studs N1 oil pump N1 water pump Tomei oil restrictor Block crack tested, honed and decked ACL race bearings New Gates T belt and genuine idler and tensioner APEXI Power FC + Commander HKS 550 injectors Super Direct ign coils Braided enlarged fuel lines NISMO Fuel pump NISMO Fuel reg HKS T45s turbo Rebuit HKS 55mm Wastegate with screamer pipe HKS power intake pipe HKS low rise manifold HKS pipework and intercooler 3 inch exhaust system from turbo OS Triple plate clutch HKS Hypermax 2 coilovers CUSCO rear stabiliser CUSCO upper arms 10mm shorter Aluminium spaces and new bushes R34 GTR Brembo Callipers with recent overhaul New 330mm Rotors and pads front R34 master cyl with CUSCO brake stopper Rear brakes standard but slotted 19" MAAS Wheels with 275/30/R19 kuhmo rubber all round Saftey 21 5pt Roll cage(complied) Recaro Drivers Seat Mines 320km speedo D Speed Dry Carbon bonnet Ganador Electric Mirrrs N1 Headlights N1 Front air ducts N1 Rear pods Nismo Gearknob Vertex Side Skirts Jap Spec clear indicators Oil pressure, Air/Fuel mix, Water temp, Oil temp, Boost gauges Probably other stuff that I can't think of right now. Comments welcome. Cheers guys
  2. Nissan S15 Pictures ONLY - No Discussion

    ^^And where can I get that front carbon fibre diffuser/lip?
  3. Show Your Car Off !

    This is my favourite pic I've taken to date.
  4. wat digital slr to get 4 beginner?

    You won't get a brand new 40D with warranty for $800. Look at either 1000D or 450D if you want canon. Definitely go to a camera store and feel the different models. 40/50D feels so much better than the 450D. The 450D feels so plastic and shit. If you drop one I reckon it'd do more damage than a 40D/50D.
  5. Nofxhardcore's Pics

    Thought I'd share some of my pics... Only new to photography so any C&C welcome. Cheers.
  6. Nofxhardcore's Pics

    Thanks mate
  7. Nofxhardcore's Pics

  8. Nofxhardcore's Pics

    Thanks for the comments. R1Titan - did you mean car shots are slightly over exposed??

    A few shots with my new camera. Canon 50D, 17-85mm lense.
  10. Nissan S15 Pictures ONLY - No Discussion

    That has to be the most aggressive S15 I've ever seen. What size/offset are those wheels?
  11. Hey guys, Just bought an S15 and I've got a Greddy Emanage Ultimate thrown in. Just wondering if anyones installed one before? Whats the base tune like? Who is good to take it to for a tune... How hard are they to install? I'm also hunting down the software. Does anybody have a copy they could burn me or know where I can download it from? Thanks in advance, Chris.
  12. Nissan S15 Pictures ONLY - No Discussion

    Few more pics..
  13. Nissan S15 Pictures ONLY - No Discussion

    My new silvia... Got some small future plans. Installing a GReddy Emanage Ultimate, wanna change the taillights to possibly tinted ones, clear indicators and eyelids.
  14. My Ride...

    No temp problems. Cheers. Engine bay always gets detailed when I wash her. Is for sale if anyone's interested. $27,500 firm. Bargain considering the time and money put into it as you all would know. PFC controller will be getting a new home soon lol as I have new gauges to finally fill those holes. Thanks for all the comments about it. Not sure exactly where yet though. No temp problems. Cheers. Engine bay always gets detailed when I wash her. Is for sale if anyone's interested. $27,500 firm. Bargain considering the time and money put into it as you all would know. PFC controller will be getting a new home soon lol as I have new gauges to finally fill those holes. Thanks for all the comments about it. Not sure exactly where yet though.
  15. My Ride...

    Car does have 1,2,3,4,5,(6),R near the gearstick....... Nismo sticker on the ash tray.... 2 gearknobs coz I obviously bought a new one... Haha yeah I'm getting to that. Only bought the car 6 months ago and have been doing other things. If anyone knows where to get a holder for it shoot me a pm. I don't check this site very often.
  16. Rockhampton People

    Hi guys, Trying to organise a photoshoot over the next few weeks. I have been in contact with a photographer from autoshotz.com.au and he would like to do a photoshoot of my car, plus a few other cars in Rockhampton on behalf of HPI magazine. If you own a very tidy car and think it could be magazine worthy then send some pictures to nofx_hard_core@hotmail.com or just pm me/post them on here and I'll forward the photos to him to see if he agrees. This also extends to anyone in Gladstone or Yeppoon areas that are willing to drive to Rocky for the shoot. Although my car will be appearing in HPI, he may use your car for a different magazine so it does not necessarily limit the car to just imports. Commodores and Fords more than welcome if he likes them. The shoot will take place sometime before the end of the month depending on how soon I can organise the other cars. Cheers, Chris.
  17. rear brake lights problem

    Hey, So yeah i have a problem with the rear brake lights. Rear brake lights are "stuck" on... Headlights and fog lights are off, brake is not pushed in at all (even slightly)... Anyone had any problems with these before or anything like this? Must be a short somewhere, just thought I'd ask to see if its a common problem.... Any ideas where to start? Any help appreciated. Thanks guys.
  18. rear brake lights problem

    wait on... just had a look. not exactly sure where it came from... what does it do?
  19. rear brake lights problem

    thanks heaps. didnt realise but yeah i found a few little bits of broken plastic looks like a clip. thanks heaps.
  20. License Question

    you get all 12 points back since you lost your licence. If you just got pulled up and fined for something, then it takes 3 years to get those points back. This is only 1 year on if you have a P licence though. still, after losing a licence, you get full points back unless you only have 4 points, and say you lose 5 or 6, then you take the extra points off your next licence. hope that made sense...
  21. i'd be keen for that. know a couple other mates who might be as well...
  22. my silvia has once again blown the gasket between the turbo and the manifold... i'm guessing the gasket i used was a shit one last time, coz it wasn't a genuine one. So my friend suggested using a GTR 32 gasket that he has... but i also heard that they're the same... Anyone know whether the GTR gasket is the same as a silvia gasket? If the gtr one is different/stronger then anyone got one for sale? otherwise i will buy a genuine nissan one... Thanks Chris.
  23. electric windows

    my drivers side doesn't work. but the passenger does. i got a s13 silvia. motor works and sounds fine... all wires look ok that i can see and its still on the rollers...what can it be? anyone had this problem?
  24. Electric windows

    my drivers' side electric window is f**ked on my s13 silvia. the motor still works and the window tracks are clear, so i have no idea on what to look for now. so just wondering if this is a common problem? coz its the second time it's happened that i know of coz when i bought it the owner just got it fixed. now its doing it again... anyone know what i should check? or look out for? or know someone on the gold coast that will look at it for next to nothing?? thanks.
  25. Electric windows

    yeah well mine won't go back up either.