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  1. hondas integrA type R vs prelude vtir 4th gen

    Type R all the way.
  2. Your weird and wonderful habits

    i turn on the light switch on and off exactly 42 times... or people will die... lol only kidding i always check left and right pockets for my things. Wallet and keys on the left and phone on the right. i put toilet paper on the seat. for hygeine reasons and dont like the cold seat lol also i cant sleep with the door open.
  3. 350Z Rays Volk

    yeah it has been to chasers in foots a few times. thats where i get my service done and all the other little things i need too. yeah just waiting for fund so i can grab tein coils and some disc too. will post more pics when its lowered lol
  4. 350Z Rays Volk

    thanks i want to drop it 1 to 1.5 inch. just waiting to get coilovers.
  5. 350Z Rays Volk

    So far only mods ive got is Fujitsubo Exhuast Apexi Power Intake Rays Volk Flat Black. 19x9.5 +22 and 19X10.5 +12 all wrapped in Bridgestone Re05A and Michelin Pilot Sport
  6. 2008 370z?

    Oh dont get me wrong. i love 180sx to death. and yes i do agree that its alot cheaper to fix up and fun to throw around. most fun i had was in my 180sx but then again reason i choose a 350z is thats it suits me alot more. as im getting older i prefer something more stable,classy and more reliable.
  7. 2008 370z?

    stock for stock. silvias wouldnt keep up with a Z. i admit i had heaps of fun in my 180's and silvias. but at the end of the day ill always choose a Z.
  8. what bodykit is this?

    front is INGS side and rear is AMUSE.
  9. air/intake box for a 350z

    Im planning on getting a apexi intake aswell. anyone has any problem with them? is there any notice in sound?
  10. Drive Shaft

    There's a window motor for sale on eBay Australia right now.
  11. 350Z Melbourne meet

    Why is it when my car is off the road. these kind of meets comes along. its not fair.
  12. 350z parts

    I know i should put this in the wanted section. but if i put it here i get more 350z owners attention. I just had an accident and i need the following parts. Fromt bumper front RHS Fender front RHS suspension, camber arms, links, anything to do with behind the front wheel. RHS Head light. Thanks PM me or sms 0402 999 310
  13. exhaust recommendations

    i just fitted a fujitsubo legalis R exhaust and it sound great. sound stock on idle and 100km/h cruise but when you step on it. its got a deep grunt note.
  14. STOLEN! silver Evo 7

    you are one lucky person.
  15. i cant fit my new wheels on my ZED?

    i love a happy ending lol