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  1. You and Your Bike

    My current bike. an 02 GSXR 600 Yoshi exhaust tinted screen running on Pirelli tires. currently 24,000km packed and ready for my 3500km in 9 days.. from Adelaide to Phillip Island, around Victoria Reefton spur, Black spur etc then back to Adelaide via Great Ocean Rd. a few hitch hikers... 150km of travel.. my previous bike, 1999 ZX6R Ninja 600! yoshi exhaust tinted screen Bridgestone tires my first bike i cant find a picture of online, but mine was the same as this and had black rims. my toy and some other bikes ive had the joy to ride recently. Can-Am Spyder 990cc Rotax engine from an Aprilia ST yamaha WRF450
  2. just picked up a Canon EOS 550D as i have become quite unhappy with the picture quality from my olympus 8010 of late. The olympus has provided great under water shots while im touring and does take some great pictures on land. but ive found myself deleting so many more pictures after each trip now. so bit the bullet and bought a DSLR! now will come the frustration.. or joy.... of learning to use it! please chuck up any hints and tips you guys have got! Canon EOS 550D with a 18-55mm lense is my starter point.. bought from www.eglobaldigitalcameras.com.au/digital-slr-cameras.html on their christmas special! i work as an outback adventure tour guide. so 90% of my shots are outdoors and scenic. also travelling to europe next year.. so ive got a few months to learn this camera before the Euro trip away!
  3. lol ok ok.. ill have to check out what i got.. but you have seen a few of them now already! also.. just got my 75-300mm and my 18-135mm lens! the 75-300 was a gift/tip from a tour crew at the end of our trip together.. cant wait to get it out for clipsal!!!
  4. good to see you guys still involvefd Stirls!! you guys still got the farm track out at tumby??? Craig
  5. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    part of my job... these where taken by one of my passengers.
  6. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    hmmm probably not the kinda footage that Mad Keen would be advocating pasted online... deliberatly baiting a white pointer with a line caught fish.. is in fact " attempting to catch" an endangered species.. this could be seen as very bad for their publicity.. possibly their license..
  7. hahahha havnt been called that yet.. but its suitable..
  8. i work as an out back adventure tour guide.. on the road for 20 days at a time.. camping.. and travelling 8500km every 3 weeks.. mostly in remote areas Adelaide-Perth and back. its a necessity in my mind.
  9. had it for 5 yrs now.. never claimed anything... but due for some wisdoms out. and im a high risk for aesthetics.. so gonna be interesting.. last time i was put under.. i flat lined. gonna really work my private health hard i think..
  10. cheers mikey! will have to take ya up on that offer! have finally got it in my hands.. as with my work.. i went on tour hours before it arrived! so had to wait an extra 3 weeks to play with it!!!
  11. cheers, yeah ive clicked that link. problem is.. i travel for work. hrmm might open it on the mobile and save it to offline..
  12. cheers! will keep that in mind! i plan to learn as i go.. as ill be on the road 3 weeks at a time so plenty of time to practise and work out what i like. all these hints and tips help !
  13. daz, been recommended a 50mm 1.8 lens actually.. so will do some more research. and ill be starting on auto.. im a point and clicker.. who is upgrading... i travel to some amazing places for work.. and i guess while im lucky enough to do it i better get some good pics!
  14. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    was my celica.. but yeah.. ill never go back to a prof**k store again
  15. nope.. all about STEAK in adelaide.. we had some frkn rippers... and.. some weird arsed karaoke battles at the buddha bar!
  16. 4x4 topic/crew pt II

    just want mine back, hate borrowing cars... softy lol cracked head/gasket/blown water pump. cheers Softy and Wpn for fixing me car while i was away.
  17. fun jobs?

    i had a really great job idea.... then i forgot it...so.. prostitute. win win... unless she/he is fat smelly ugly.... then.. lose/win lose/loose lose/penis drop off EB have whores now? SWEET! thought it was sony and apple full of whores..
  18. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    mate, Gunyah, Almonta, Golden island. all good spots when the fish are in. around the corner on Kellidie bay side is Seal Corner and the Ledge. they would be the best two spots for whiting/tommies/gar etc or travel further up the coast to coles point, trevally sweep leather jackets salmon tommies garfish but if your in lincoln.. you got some pretty awesome fishing in lincoln national park. and the local areas. go into Spot on Fishing speak to Bob Hutchison and ask for some local info. he should be able to set you up ok
  19. Softies SA Fishing Thread

    picked up a couple new rods from an old fella dying of cancer. he also chucked in a "small" box of hooks which contained about 1000-1500 hooks from size 6 up to 8/0 but mostly in 3/0 40/5/0 sizes and 4 big halco twister salmon lures.. for an exrtra few bucks.. the golden red one ill keep, but gave softy the Black one as his first Alvey rod. now to get him an alvey and into something to make that ratchet SCREAM!!! Rods are hand built on Wilson 4120 blanks, 4 wrap, means nice and light with a fair bit of whip, 120 means inches long. with real seats and spikes both rods sit in the 11-12' bracket. perfect for casting baits on a Alvey 650C for salmon snapper or mulloway. and the occasional shark that comes by..
  20. 9/11 Conspiracy theories.

  21. Jin man.. on a slow pump its a real killer thats for sure!!! but when pullling 20l/100km fully loaded and off road.. it aint pretty filling with petty! my recent north trip lake eyre, uluru trip saw gas prices at $1.30 and petrol prices of $2.40 a litre..
  22. on my GSXR BP ultimate all the time. my Subaru was BP standard. my RX7 was BP ultimate. my Patrol, Woolies Gas, as its a 120l gas tank.. and that 4-8c a litre makes a difference when filling 120-180litres up at a time between petty and gas..