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  1. Some of my Fabrication Pics

    Question if l can. My ae86 had hit before and yes not fixed but front radiator support is mangled a little and well getting the motor in and out is also a pain as its an 3SGTE so was thinking of making a removable support for rad and lights etc. Similar to one l saw on Yates old 86 would you suggest alloy or stainless as dont really want to do mild square tube as well it looks crap was thinking of building it using rods instead. Basically looking for the excuse to build it and some direction lol Below is my car as its progressing
  2. Yeah only concern is that the 4agze gets hot and first thing everyone says to go is get a koyo rad and good fans
  3. Its the 53mm Koyo one and its not going to be stock
  4. Just bought a AE86 and want to get it Soda blasted before l start work on it so to find all the issues with it. Does anyone know anyone good near the Parramatta Area
  5. Its a 4AGZE so supercharged
  6. Think so have seen ppl with 16inch one was thinking 2x10inch ones
  7. Am installing a koyo rad for my AE86 project and was just gonna install the fans to work off a switch and was wondering what fans l should be using and if l should use 1 or 2 fans. If anyone has any advice would be a great help plus anywhere to get them?
  8. AE86 Diff woes

    Some people fit Hilux Diff see if that would work
  9. 4AGZE Supercharged to TurboCharged

    Car is not running and have read his guide. Anyone know of what kind of power l can get from the supercharger? We are doing the work ourselves and we have enough mates to do alot ourselves as well. Its a project car. Was thinking of getting in running with supercharger and if need be switch over to turbo when needed. Car arrives at my place sunday / monday and will know more then l guess.
  10. Hi Guys, Just got a sprinter with a 4AGZE Supercharged motor and was thinking should l keep it or remove the supercharger and turbo it instead. Looking to use it for street and track work so nothing crazy but still want it to move wanted to know A) if anyone has done this? is it worth it? and C) any tips on it
  11. Just bought a Ae86 with a 4AGZE supercharged. The motor is not installed with the car and was wonder on best ECU to run it with. In my S14 have a Apexi PowerFC but was thinking the Haltech is the best for this had anyone got and recommendations?
  12. Thanks guys found a guy to do it and a reasonable price. Thanks to everyone for the help
  13. nah its a 8 hour drive each way lol
  14. Am buying a car near lismore and need it and the spare car that comes with it transported to near parramatta. Any one know anyone under 2k
  15. Yeah ill call nissan. And no tape of that stuf that is meant to block holes want a perm solution