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  1. Arm wrestling is a subject we havent really touched on much. There are some tremendous athletes who have done some incredible feats of strength. I will list some of them here, I find any strength extremely interesting. Ron Bath Sets of chins with 35kg hanging off his feet. Was 6'3" and 97kg Johnny Walker Right arm press with 40kg DB with so much speed it leaves his hand for 12" before he then catches it. Prepares his arm for the shock at the start. Can also do the "flag". Was 6'1" and 86kg Allen Fisher Can do 7 one arm chins, does 3 reps with a 61kg in the curl with a slight swing, weighing 73kg....using only his right arm. George Givens 172kg bench press @ 81kg David James 75 right arm pushups.....on his finger tips. Was 6' and 104kg Steve Stanaway 95kg 2 armed hammer curl with his back against the wall, weighing 91kg. He also did 150kg x 12. He also did a 150kg wrist curl, and 91kg x 15. Mike Bonelli 192kg wrist curl @ 100kg Al Turner Could hold himself on a chin bar using his right arm, bent at 90 degrees, while holding a 54kg bar in his left. Could do 20 half rep one arm chins. Was 6' and 95kg Jack Dellinger 5 one arm chins weighing 95kg David Patton Weighing 70kg, benched 115kg for 3 sets of 21 reps Jimmie Payne 51 consecutive handstand presses. Military pressed 120kg @ 66kg Jim Pollock Reverse curled 61kg x 8 for 3 sets at 6' and 86kg Dan Mason Benched 242kg when the world record was 272kg. Did curls with 91kg x 10. he was 6'2'' and weighed 108kg. Cleve Dean Picked up a 140kg hog with one arm and placed him over a 5' fence. Placed a 140kg hog under each arm and walked away with them.He was 6'7" and weighed192kg. Some very strong fellows.
  2. Pro Raw Powerlifting NAB BSB 083253 ACC 183567623 Membership:. $100 per year Competition entry:. $50 per comp I have been running around the last few weeks organizing things to get Pro Raw going. Business is registered, account is up, sponsors have been contacted, I have a short list of venues. First things first. As you guys know I've been putting on competitions for lifters for over 3 years, usually 3-4 comps a year. I have always delivered on my promises, and no sponsor has ever let me down, not once. In fact, they have provided more prizes than promised on most occasions. Pro Raw will have cash prizes.....fact. There will definitely be a $1000 cash prize for each of the 4 weight classes. I am working on getting cash for the first three lifters in each of the 4 weight classes. If I can land a huge sponsor, the cash will be greater. To land a big one I obviously need members. How I got so many prizes at AD10 was the fact I had so many lifters. A sponsor wants bang for his buck, obviously. This is where I need your support. The quicker I can get members registered, the quicker I can get sponsors. I'm not the kind that approaches sponsors with promises, I like to present facts. As far as venue goes, I can’t book one until I have an idea of how many lifters. I've pencilled in ones I think will do, but again, it depends on numbers. To lift at ProRaw you have to be a paid up member, no guest lifters allowed. This situation was farcical at a few recent comps, with Record Keepers unsure who was paid up and able to set records, so you must be a member to lift. My plan for how many comps? Well, there will be at least two and up to four. I have plans of making it a Grand Prix like thing, with a series winner at the end of the year, and maybe another cash prize. This will of course depend on numbers and sponsors. To make this as big as I hope, I'm going to need a commitment from everyone. I am not taking the place of any Federation in Australia, I am simply adding events. I will ensure there is no clash with CAPO, as my PTC lifters will continue to lift with them. Unfortunately PA will not allow lifters to compete in ProRaw, so I can’t make the same guarantees with them. I will endeavour to keep dates separate so that spectators can view as many comps as possible, I have gone to PA comps and I have seen PA members at CAPO comps, this should continue, it’s the same sport after all. The first ProRaw comp will be held on the Australia Day weekend. Venue and exact date will be announced later. The only equipment allowed is belt, wrist wraps and knee wraps. Squats will be walked out and break parallel, benches will be paused. The weight classes 80kg - 95kg - 110kg - 110kg+ I'm undecided about the women. As long as I can get 10 or so competing, I'll work out weight classes and prizes. At the moment I am looking at 65kg - 75kg - 75kg+. This may change, any girls interested contact me on markos@prorawpowerlifting.com or 0404 453 542 When making membership fee deposits, please include your full name. The website will list members with their “keep for life” membership number. Who will be #1? If anyone has any questions, please post here or contact me via pm, email or phone. Thank you Markos ________
  3. ProRaw Powerlifting

    Still undecided, will be either Frankston Art Centre or Rydges Hotel in Preston
  4. ProRaw Powerlifting

    Just found this. Here is an update ProRawFour was run and won, we had $5000 prizemoney. Odell Manuel squatted 350kg, benched 215kg and deadlifted 367.5kg, totalled 932.5kg@129kg, in a belt and wraps ProRawFive is now an invitational event. Its not a Fed, its an event. Looks like we'll have $10,000 cash in prize money To get an invite, you have to put up a total in an official comp between August 31 2012 and September 1 2013 You then have to be Top 10 in either the 80kg class/95kg class/110kg class/110kg+ class Here is the Top 10 as of today. This will change dramaticaly before September 1 2013 WOMEN 430.06 - Irena Piatrovich (IPL Worlds) WILD CARD 418.01 - Taylor Young ( WPC Worlds) 369.99 - Mary Macken (Oceania) 355.98 - Coralie Weir ( WPC Worlds) 339.94 - Jasmine Higgs (Oceania) 338.18 - Nina Markopoulos (GPC Worlds) 314.96 - Elizabeth Craven (Oceania) 310.73 - Catherine Green (Oceania) 310.22 - Sussy Kollen (GPC Worlds) 310.11 - Kelly Gomez (Oceania) 304.07 - Josseline Jeria (SHMC) __________________________________________ 302.43 - Minwah Van (SHMC) 301.97 - Katie Tushuiezen (Oceania) 301.69 - Kelli Clarke (MT) 296.54 - Katie Foster (PR4) 296.28 - Keiko Nakai (Oceania) 295.44 - Kathy Mawby (Oceania) 291.91 - Alice Xu (SS Challenge) 291.49 - Annie Rendle-Short (MT) 291.38 - Vicki Jewson (PR4) 286.79 - Megan Hinchley (Oceania) 80kg 637.5kg - Amir Fazeli (HOTW) 627.5kg - Colin Webb (MT) 615kg - Ange Galati (GPA Worlds) 602.5kg - Emad Nayef (GPC Worlds) 600kg - Ben Bouchereau (PR4) 590kg - Luke Helmke (Oceania) 580kg - Neville Harris (Oceania) 553.5kg - Nghiep Luu (Oceania) 550kg - Thibault Panassie (PR4) 545kg - Carl Sherry (SA open) 545kg - Joe Debono (ADFPA) 545kg - David Harrison (VE) _______________________________________ 542.5kg - Greg Hills (WPC Worlds) 540kg - Tom Evill (Oceania) 537.5kg - Kristos Papanotis (PR4) 530kg - Joey Zhingini (MT) 527.5kg - Rex Parsons (Oceania) 527.5kg - Alexander Cochrane Davis (SS Challenge) 525kg- Dan Rucci (GPC Worlds) 520kg - Chris Van Gunst (PR4) 95kg 732.5kg - Matt Brunoli (PR4) 724.5kg - Scott Wasson (GPC Worlds) 715.5kg - Scott Hill (Oceania) 678kg - Tim Germanchis ( SS Challenge) 670kg - Jason Clarke (MT) 655kg - Matt Middleton (VE) 650kg - Max Markopoulos (GPC Worlds) 640kg - Ray Owen (Oceania) 620kg - Alen Pezerovic (PR4) 617.5kg - Zaid Faydi (SCC) _______________________________________ 615kg - Jonathon Nichols(PR4) 612.5kg - Laird Ross (PR4) 610kg - Eros Chiodo (PR4) 600kg - Justin Haller (MT) 600kg - Adam Lam (PR4) 600kg - Adam Gillespie (SHMC) 600kg - Paul Thompson (MT) 580kg - Nathaniel Hodges (Acacia Park) 575kg - Leigh Donnellan (VE) 110kg 921kg - Dan Green (Clash for cash) WILD CARD 847.5kg- Ricky Goodyear (GPC Worlds) 830kg - Nathan Jones (PR4) 785kg - Richard Hozjan (Oceania) 775kg - Firas El Achkar (PR4) 722.5kg - Florian Loock (Oceania) 717.5kg - Cameron McKenzie (Oceania) 710kg - Alex Zerba (PR4) 655kg - Nathan O'leary (MT) 650kg - Jeremy Murray (Oceania) 643kg - Jesse McEwan (MT) _______________________________________________ 625kg - Joel McLeod (CAO) 620kg - Joseph Radice (HOTW) 617.5kg - Vince Thomas (Oceania) 605kg - Brad Keogh (VE) 600kg - Tudor Sava (Oceania) 590kg - Phil Smith (HOTW) 590kg - Gavin Turrel (SHMC) 585kg - Phil Smith (SHMC) 577.5kg - Max Riebl (SS Challenge) 562.5kg - Addison Kaye (SS Challenge) 110kg+ 935kg - Wayne Howlett (GPA Worlds) 932.5kg - Odell Manual (PR4) 910kg - Adrian Tullo (GPA Worlds) 862.5kg - Stephen Pritchard (Oceania) 787.5kg - Jackson Murrie (PR4) 777.5kg - Nathan Baxter (Oceania) 747.5kg - Con Barbakos (SS Challenge) 745kg - Jack Pollard (GPC Worlds) 732.5kg - Barry Heynes (CAO) 710.5kg - Lepeka Nanai (MT) ________________________________________ 700kg - Adam Roe (PR4) 680kg - Leigh Wisbey (Oceania 680kg - Alex Robertson (SHMC) 660kg - Kevin Aitkin (SS Challenge) 657.5kg - Joel De Battista (Oceania) 650kg - Paul McManus (CAO) 645kg - Michael Nicholas (WPC Worlds) 635kg - Joshua Canaris (MT) 625kg - Zoran Jankovski (PR4) 610kg - Dave Keong (MT)
  5. What happened with Markos?

    Thanks for the support Neil I left ns.com because I felt cars and weights wasnt the way I wanted to go. I still love cars, I still have a GTR, and I still own a gym, but the 2 should be seperate. So I joined ausbb, and I was made a moderator No I was preaching powerlifting on a bodybuilding forum, again, not ideal, but it worked okay The trouble happened when Shrek (Adrian) accused me of profiting by advertizing Gawains protein poweder Everyone here at PTC or the ProRawForum know I dont make a damn cent, Gawain was furious, but I told him to let it go It was a sign for me to move again. CAPO had a forum that had 2 posts a year, and PA's was similar So I started a nuetral forum that has POWERLIFTERS from all Feds on it, with results from every comp and every Fed listed on there. The ProRawForum is a perfect fit for me. I cant advertize anything on there as its run by ProBoards, so I cant dilute the content trying to increase traffic so I can make $$$$$$$, which is what every forum does, as it should. No threads about your love life, the new Nissan, favourite dog , investments etc It took me quite a few years to work out the best forums are specific, not general Now that I own a GTR again, Im on SAU, so I started a PL thread but dont venture outside it, reading the other threads gives me flashbacks I'll forever be grateful to Loz and ns.com because they were an integral part of getting PTC going, now were 5 years old and we have gyms in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast as well as Frankston I did come back here for a short time, in order to repay Loz, but I kept reading f**kwit comments from f**kwits, and I remembered why I left. I may have changed forums, but I havent changed lol
  6. Recently I posted a topic in regards to systematicly increasing poundage. we had quite a few early failures, so over the past 3 weeks I have been tweaking it. Before I announce anything, I am using PTC clients to get it right. I will give more details once testing is completed. The new program has more sets, reps and is of longer duration.
  7. ToughMudder Australia

    I had 2 clients do it, they did no specific training for it, got through okay, said they enjoyed it
  8. Its sad when people pay more for a substance that promises to produce a drug like effect than the actuall drug itself
  9. Anytime

    Matt said if you mention Markos, he'll pay you to train there Let me know how you go
  10. need some help

    No charge mate, I didnt write them, been around for 100 years Anyone of the programs Neil put up are fine, as long as you add weight EVERY session, or do one of the 3 "mores" Because at some stage you wont be able to add weight, you have to either do more reps or more sets, because if you repeat a session youve gone backwards So more weight, more reps or more sets. Example: Bench press 60kg x 8 x 3 sets. Next week aim for 62.5kg x 8 x 3. If you fail, you till added weight, so thats fine. Lets say you did 62.5kg x 7,6,5 Following session you do 62.5kg x 7,6,5. You have to do another set If you managed 7,6,6, thats fine, you improved Do one of the 3 MORES
  11. need some help

    Here is my advice, do with it what you want Firstly, start training rather than going to the gym. Your program is joke, your wasting your time, but you already know that as your not progressing. Try the Beginners workout 3 x week With Diet, go to 2500 calories a day, 50% protein, 30% fat, 20% carbs Do no running or bike riding or any other fluff As your bodyweight drops, drop your calories accordingly Good luck
  12. Cool, I'll be on the Sunshine Coast on the 23-24th of June for Nationals
  13. Shit, I thought you knew Harvey
  14. PTC Perth Open Day 2nd June

    Cant wait to get over there for this
  15. LiteW8's Training Log

    To the top, makes it easier to find
  16. Minh's back training Your dad drove your 180 and crashed it apparently. The panel work was good, you can hardly tell. When are you back?
  17. Wow, lots of new faces here, seems like all of SA is on here
  18. Anytime

  19. Anytime

    Matt Brunoli owns Limbo in SA, hes a pretty strong guy, deadlifts 330kg@93kg He has plenty of free weights Fuzzy will be opening a PTC there one day, he has a few things he needs to attend to first
  20. I should explain what I meant about forums When on a car forum, and you own a Strength Gym franchise with gyms in 4 states, have lifters competing on the world stage, when people ask questions, they generally listen to your advice. I do the same to the car experts on here. Knowing its a car forum, most of the questions wont be regarding powerlifting as such, but more about looking good this summer, I get that and its what I expect. Its good to have these forums as it helps keeps the powerlifting forums on track, as most guys on there compete and dont really have the same concerns as the guys on here, so keeping them seperated is ideal. Also means you guys dont have to answer questions about changing a flat tyre lol Where ausbb went wrong is its got Bodybuilding in the title, but no BB, just guys who lift weights and know everything. They are not responsive to information, they dont squat deep because its bad for your knees, they dont deadlift coz its bad for your back, and it goes on. nissansilvia.com - you know its a car forum with recreation lifters ProRawPowerlifting - you know its a powerlifting forum ausbb- you think you know what it is, but its not Without sub forums like these, recreational lifters would join ProRaw and dilute the experience. ProRaw has over 500 members, at a guess well over 300 compete in powerlifting. We have World Champions, WR holders, National Champions etc. So thats why I've decided to pay back Loz, who I dont think knows I'm here, and answer any questions as well as I can, no matter how far off powerlifting it is I see Scott posts his journal here, very funny read, you guys should take a look
  21. Guess who's back, back again Shady's back, tell a friend Guess who's back, guess who's back? Guess who's back, guess who's back? Guess who's back, guess who's back? I have indeed started my own forum, but ns.com gave me my start and I will forever be thankful to Loz for that I moved to ausbb for a while, but that forum is absolute junk. This is a car forum, pretty sure every member here has a car Not many bodybuilders on ausbb, so its just plain stupid Anyway, I'll get on here once a day if I can, just to answer questions if anyone is interested
  22. Tattoos are a passion of mine, and Nina, so seeing how there are quite a few members with them now, I thought I would start a thread for members tatts. Jovi, Hyper180, Simon, Phee and whoever else has any, please post up pics on here. I'll start with some pics of mine. The dagger with the kids names went on first to start the sleeve and thats the outline of my back piece. I will post up more later.
  23. The simple breakdown goes like this.Convert your bodyweight from kg to pounds by multiplying kg x 2.2046. To gain weight eat 20 times your bodyweight in calories,ie 75kg x 2.2046 = 165lb x 20 =3300 calories. To maintain is 15 times your bodyweight in calories ie 75kg x 2.2046 = 165lb x 15 =2475 calories. To lose weight its 10 times your bodyweight ie 75kg x 2.2046 = 165lb x 10 1650 calories. The macronutrient breakdown is 35% protein,50% fat and 15% carbohydrates. Protein has 4 calories per gram,carb has 4 calories per gram and fat has 9 calories per gram. 3300 calories = 1155 calories from protein = 288 grams,1650 calories from fat = 183 grams,495 calories from carbs = 123 grams.This breakdown is the same for all categories.Try and eat most of your carbs within 2 hours after your workout.Try and eat 6 meals per day. After 6 weeks assess your diet and make adjustments,be honest with yourself in regards to missed meals and junk youve eaten. The best carb sources are fruit and veg.The best fat sources are nuts,oils,avacado,fish oil tabs.The best protein sources are meat,eggs,chicken,fish,milk and whey protein powder.
  24. We'd like to offer your gang an easy way to get their hands on our gear at great prices through our website. We've set up a special coupon for all PTC clients - this means that they can get a 10% discount on all prices by entering "PTC" when they checkout through the store. Here's the process: Find what they want on our web store >> click "add to cart" >> click "Click Here to Continue" >> enter "PTC" into the coupon code box >> Click "submit" and then the shopping cart will automatically deduct 10% from the purchase price. Pretty simple. Feel free to spread the word to your guys and gals. We're here to help out if you have any questions. Hope all is going well mate. Enjoy reading your newsletters each week. Cameron -- Regards, Cameron Strachan Business Development Australian Kettlebells