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  1. good suspension set up

    i was just wondering what actually makes a good suspension set up. I know for starters you need a good pair of coilovers, but this where it confuses me sorry for a noob question but what do the following parts offer more than the sotck ones and what are some of these things? -adjustable castor rods -lower arm braces -toe rods -traction rods -rear camber kit -pineapples the list could go on for ever but iwas just wanting feed back on a easy general setting for street and the occasional track use. thanks in advance
  2. Share Market

    im thinking about getting into shares but could anyone answer which is a good online broker? im tossing up between e*trade and commsecc any recomendations?
  3. Neeed Stock rims to buy

    Hey guys i need stockies! if anyone has some lying around and wannna sell pm me with price and location or just post it up not fussed whether tires are good or not but will be a bonus Thanks!
  4. need stock 180sx suspension

    Suspension found ! thanks for all your help but now i need a washer bottle for a 180sx as well if anyone has one same deal pm or post up a price thanks
  5. need stock 180sx suspension

    if anyone has stock 180sx suspension lying around and want to get rid of it pm or post up a price will pickup need by the end of this week must be in good condition. thanks
  6. oil leak!

    problem solved the ring from the old oil filter was still there thx for all the help guys aprreciated.
  7. oil leak!

    mmm if this is what happened where would the oil leak from ?
  8. oil leak!

    dipstick problem is this possible? like what could go wrong with the dipstick?
  9. oil leak!

    hmmmmm ic so simple but the mess it has made om,g we were cleaning the driveway for 4 hours. but yeah ill have to check it tommrow in the light.
  10. oil leak!

    90% sure the oil filter is on corectly as for the ring im not to sure.. about that ill have to check that in the morning.
  11. oil leak!

    hey guys today me n my mate tried changing the oil in my car all went smoothly. until we turned the engine on and then all the oil leaked out. the sump plug was in tightly as was the oil filter anyone noe what this could be? the oil was leaking from sum where up the top and not from the sump. thanks.
  12. o/d flashing

    my s14 does this aswell, does anyone know what it is?
  13. Replacing O2 sensor

    the problems you have described were the same problems i was having when i had a faulty 02 sensor. i took mine to a garage where they replaced it for $160. $90 for a new o2 sensor and 70 for labour. As i did not know what the problem was they had to search for it so you should be able to get it a bit cheaper.
  14. Legal Advice

    thx guyss for ur input has helped alot. guess ill jsut have to cop it .>.
  15. Legal Advice

    he claims i was doing 30 km/h over the limit which i do not belive i was doing and 30km/h or over =loss of license...which is why if i can fight it i will