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    Why is it track only?
  2. Cut the front off an s13 cover, cut the front off an s14 cover, weld them together.
  3. sr20det redtop sydney

    Are you able to post it?
  4. Sms me if you want. If it has the right gear we can work something out. 0425533091
  5. You won't be able to comply that anymore. There is a timeframe (can't remember exactly what that is) but 10 years is most defiantly too long. What engine? It may still have some value as parts
  6. Stripping 180sx

    Interested in Cusco arms and CAS. Can you send pictures to 0425533091 please? Thanks mate.
  7. Lol. Most of us have run stretched tyres for the best part of 10 years now. Should we all be dead against a tree now? Drive to the grip limit, if you want something safer go buy a Volvo.
  8. nissan 180sx drag car

    Am I blind? I don't see a compound setup??
  9. I'm no welding pro but wouldn't a lobster front pipe just mean 10x the welds that can and probably at some stage will crack?
  10. sr20det to sr20vet

    I heard it was sold str8e? Give us a ballpark on it.
  11. Who here uses Yahoo Japan?

    I search stuff through import monster then just send the link to streeter.
  12. Nistune expected gains

    To answer your question. A good tune will increase midrange power and torque. It may make slightly more top end power but that will feel negligible. Midrange punch is what will be noticeable.
  13. Usually you can turn the car on from cold and just move your hand around under the exhaust mani or turbo where you think the leak is and you will feel the air being pushed through against your hand. Obviously you have limited time until it all becomes too hot for that. Also your o2 sensor is for low rpm/idle mixtures so you can't hurt your engine with a faulty o2, it may just idle crap.
  14. Yeah must be a huge turbo or very generous dyno to make those numbers