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  1. Found this on youtube. Thought you might be interested.
  2. Hi all, I have for sale both my s13 track car and s15 donor car. I was planning on swapping the running gear into the s13. My plans have now changed so someone can grab deal. S13 1990 Specs CA18DET running with FMIC and aftermarket manifold. Stock boost Stripped out interior with raceteck head restraint bucket seat 6 point RPM buckle harness suited for harns device Bar bolted in the back to take harness and the seat back Gauges Whiteline front and rear adj swaybars Front an rear strut braces castor rods koni insert adj shocks with front adj camber s15 5 stud conversion with r33 LCA 60mm 3row cross flow radiator EC GP Circuit 1:53:68 Jan 2015 (race tyres and rims not included in sale) S15 2001 Specs SR20DET Stainless exhaust, 750cc injectors, z32 afm, power FC + hand controller 205kw Interior is immaculate BC coilovers adj camber front & rear adj toe May have missed some items. Car was in a roll over so body no good. Car is complete, intercooler is no good, radiator is fine. $11000- PM or call me on 0422 457 346 Thanks Paul Located in Wollongong
  3. S15 Shell

    Found One, Cheers
  4. S15 Shell

    Hey all, I am chasing a straight S15 shell for track car. Just let me know what you have. I am located in Wollongong NSW and will travel. 0422 457 346 Thanks Paul
  5. Your car - what's happening?

    Car went brillant at EC last week. I only blew a heater hose during first session, a quick fix and the car didnt miss a beat all day. I only got 1 recorded session though, lap timer wasnt picking up beacon, I did a 1:58:37 with a top speed of 186km/h down main straight. Very happy with the day, looking forward now to March 14.
  6. Your car - what's happening?

    So the car is just about ready for this Friday 31st for Eastern Creek. Picked up my tyres last Thursday, went with some Dunlop Formula-R hard compound. I am just waiting on front adjustable camber tops so I can get the car wheel aligned, then we are off to the track. Just prey the rain stays away.
  7. Track days worth travelling for!

    Eastern Creek is a smooth wide track with fast flowing corners and elevation changes while having a technical opproach to it. This circuit gives you corners that tempt you to take them faster . Track is run under race conditions. Their website is not easy to navigate though they do have track days (L2S) every month. You need to check weather it is the North, South (this is very hard on your car, better suited for short wheelbase cars), Bradham (combination of GP and South Circuit) or the GP Circuit. Each one offers something different in driver experience. Next EC day is January 31, Friday. Wakefield is my personal fav only because this is where I first started. This is a slower track with plenty of run off, though not as smooth or wide as EC. It is run as a learner track ie: no overtaking under brakes, round corners or out of. Straights only. Fun track Marulan, very short, tight and rough and is hard on car and brakes. Well suited for short wheel base cars. The owner is a nice bloke, used to work at wakefield, but due to council and local complaints, noise and sliding can become an issue. Your car gets DB tested and if found too loud you will have to stuff it with wire. Track is run as learner, not that there is much room for overtaking round corners here. Having said all this, this is only my opinon from my experiences. As a driver I would say go and drive every track you can as each one will have something to offer and something for you to learn from. Plus, its all fun!
  8. Your car - what's happening?

    Grip is the only way, as it still includes a little drift as you push hard through corners on the edge of grip and, if your unlucky and push too hard, you get a little bit of a rally experiance. LOL. I am going to have a look at your build ActionDan try and get some ideas. Do you find that you get oil surge? We found this in the Gti's so we installed an oil accummulator. So when I chase up my oil cooler after a success first outing, I will fit one of these as well. Cheap insurance. Looking forward to this new venture, need to beat my Wakefield time of 1:13:05.
  9. Your car - what's happening?

    Cheers guys. I have changed engine oils, diff oil, gearbox, filters, cleaned a/f, throttle body, new sparks and a general clean up. I am running some Hawke DC 10s and HT 60 brake pads with all new brake fluid through the system. I will bleed brakes again the day before. Ive had the car sitting on stands and have gone over every bolt I can find to make sure all is good. My new rear rotors and longer front studs come in on thursday so this weekend I should be able to finish it off, then its a wheel alginment and tyres. I have read alot about the S chassis being a easy car to drive, but as car setup is so different compared with a FWD I should find the techniqcal side interesting and really enjoy the driving. Need to be able to go flat round turn 1 EC.
  10. Your car - what's happening?

    HI all, I have bought my first nissan S13 CA18DET last October and have spent most of the xmas break getting it prepped for its first track day. I am coming from the wonderful world of FWD Suzukis into a RWD for my first time, I am looking forward to a new learning curve in both driver experience and car setup. Thus far I have stripped out the interior and most sound deading (such a boring task), added in my 4 point seat belt button harness, which is now for sale as it does not work with my Harns device. I have added some gauges, replaced the crappy 16mm radiator with a 58mm thick cross flow with baffle and a thermo fan on an in car switch. Threw in a BOV as it doesnt come factory and just checked over all components. Suspension: It came with some diff (unknown), S15 5stud conversion with R33 LCA front and some castor rods, not sure if they will add castor in yet as when wound all the way in they are the same length as standard, machine job. Front strut brace with engine steady and a set of 17x9 wheels all round and leaning towards some Hankook F200 slicks. I am hopping to have the car ready for Eastern Creek on January 31. If anyone is going I am driving a 4x4 style S13 in purple with black wheels and will be with a bloke in a red Gti and VL wagon. Pop in and say hi. Cheers.
  11. Price : $40 Condition : Used Hi all, just chasing up a set of rear rotors off of an S14/15. Located in Wollongong, however I will travel south Sydney if required. PM me details. Thanks
  12. Suzuki to Nissan

    Cheers Mark, making my way through the site.
  13. Hey all, I have been driving suzuki gti's for some time now and have now decided (from a series of unfortunate events) to move away and on to something new. I like to do track work and is the reason and sole purpose for looking at a nissan, silvia to be precise. My previous Gti was mostly stock running rb74 pads, 20mm rear swaybar and 13inch A048 tyres. Wakefield was 1:17:10, Marulan was a 48.40 and south circuit eastern creek I could not get a good signal from, which was a shame as I had done some suspension mods since my last track day. So I have been doing some research on the nissans and I feel for my budget, an s13 is the way to go. It is light and proves that everything can bolt straight over. I am currently researching about a valve issue with the sr20 det motors at high rpm. I am always keen to learn more about these cars before I choose my next track car, including setups, engines etc. So any info would be much appreciated. My budget is around $5000- if anyone has something to offer, rego not required. Cheers Paul