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  1. Hi guys . As topic states Prefer Melb South East but can travel pm me what you have etc or txt 0423664379 cheers
  2. This is what happens when there's no FAP materials on NS
  3. Standard intercoolers s14 $50.00. S15 (thicker core) $100.00 Apexi turnflow no holes front intercoolers s13 550.00. S14/ s15 $650.00 T28 turbo housing comp side with wastgate $50.00 S13 rear arms and hubs $150 lot s13,14,15 stock front pipe$50.00 High flow cat 3inch $80 will update parts soon all parts for pickup in Keysborough Vic txt 0423664379
  4. 5 bolt drive shafts VIC

    I'm chasing a pair of 5 bolt drive shafts. In GC closer to s.e subs the better contact 0423664379
  5. I'm looking at getting my 180sx Club registered when it becomes 25years old, can anyone give me advice on how i'd go about it? Can I get a club reg through NS? or does it have to be an authorised nissan club? Thanks in advance
  6. Can you do Staggered set for CST zero 1 hyper? 18x9.5+15 & 18x9+30
  7. S14 S15 Wheels - $300

    Price : $300 Condition : Used S15 wheels x 4 with 80% tread = $300 s14 wheels x 4 tyres no good = $100 ono Keysborough VIC ph 0423664379
  8. What's a rwc worth these days?

    Used to be $88.00 to actually inspect it and give you a list of defects or a pass (30min-1hr). OR $100 to fill out some papers without inspection (3 mins)(dodgY). New changes means they should/have to take photos of the wear n tear parts, so now they want to charge more...... for taking photos? I usually paid $100.00 for easy roadys, and just fix things myself. but things started geting legit with defects, transfers, re-rego etc to the point where it was no longer a dodgy and they was just makin more money. That being said, I'd still pay up to $200 depending on the situation =) Maybe someone can explain the price hike
  9. Think before running from police

    Its a game of cat n mouse. always has.. always will be... I been playing it for 6 or so years until i realised battlefield 3 was a much better game.
  10. 180sx

  11. 180sx

    shitloads of prep, shaving, panel beating, sanding sighz
  12. 180sx

    Figured i'd put my car up, since it's spent more time off road, since starting it 2-3 years ago. 180sx 2009- Spent 4 months converting it from a donor 97 Type X. Spent less than 12 months on the road due to flagged defect. Its seen one track day and one skid pan day. 2010 - 2011 Hibernating collecting dust 2012 - Gave it a paint job DIY styles 2012 Plans - Rego + tune
  13. Legal Advice

    somebody gave a cop attitude when they got pulled over... seriously... cops are tops and more down to earth than you think... got all respect for them and what they do... cop hate not tolerated on this forum... and don't know how their memory can be poor if they can just refer to the police statement... if anything that refreshes memory like night and day... Nah buddy your assumptions are wrong, i never gave them attitude, was always polite, never refused engine bay inspection. And their police statements are only brief mate, i take it you've never been charged or disputed a fine? if so you'll never know, hence your point of view, and i'll accept it as that, limited. I'm tops...not those cops