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  1. Old school wedding cars?

    Don't mean to hijack your thread but I have a friend who needs 3 cars for a wedding in December too. If anyone is interested please PM me.
  2. Exactly. They get *milkshakes* like me who are still insured with them, even though the last time I made a claim I had to take them to court, because no other company will insure my car.
  3. Rim Scratch Repair

    Take it to Extensive Wheel Services on South road. By the sounds of it yours is more bent than mine was but they'll be able to let you know if it's fixable.
  4. need a website designed/made

    He has a pretty shitty website for a web designer.
  5. Just car stole my car. I wrote it off and paid them to buy the wreck back but when I went to pick it up there had been a "mix up" and my car was "accidentally" sold at pickles. They offered me my money back and I laughed at them. As soon as the words "legal action" were mentioned they "revalued" my car from $11K to $16K, hence the payout was increased, which is still bullshit but I took it because I cbf dealing with them anymore. Unfortunately I'm still insured with them because no other company would touch me.
  6. Battery is dead.

    Battery World on Payneham road were very helpful when I bought my last one.
  7. compliance. jzx100mk2

  8. Personalised Rego Plates

    Changing from custom plates to slimline premiums I went from getting pulled over a couple of times a week to never getting pulled over since.
  9. Cutting edge of number plates?

    I've been through regency twice with cut plates. They mentioned something about them once but I still passed. I ended up getting premium plates and using washers because I didn't want to risk getting defected for something so trivial.
  10. Suits

    EDDEL! I usually get my business suits from Peter Shearer.
  11. Spotted this on the back of a truck driving down port/south road just now.
  12. Any DJ hookups in Adelaide?

    I don't do requests.
  13. Sunroofs

    My last 3 cars have had a sunroof. I drive with it open unless it's raining. Only issue I had is the one in my VB commodore rusted shut
  14. window tinting HELP

    nothing against you mate, but i absolutely do not recommend Auto Perfection. disgusting service, from start to finish. the manager is an arrogant prick and treats his receptionist like shit. unfortunately i bought two lots of tinting in a group buy, otherwise i wouldn't have gone back after the first car. tint job on the first car was ok, tint job on the second car was average at best. I know i'm not the only one who wouldn't recommend them either. A mate got his done at the same time and had go back to get it redone, it was so bad. Mine was perfect and they even stayed back late so I could pick it up after work, didn't put their gay little sticker on it either.
  15. window tinting HELP

    Auto Perfection did my 5 windows darkest legal for $160
  16. new heaven nightlcub

    Apple is the old church, off Rundle St.
  17. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/8189123/toyota-flips-and-lands-on-police-car-roof Can anyone find the pics?
  18. I've got a few cases of passion pop left over from when I worked there. Sluts feel free to message me.
  19. Failure to Give Way

    +1 Fernando spent more time pointing out chicks and combing his chest hair than teaching me how to drive.
  20. ***Who can fix me laptop***

    I can fix it for you but I'm expensive. PM me.
  21. question

    It's a different RPM for every car. I don't remember exactly but I think it's estimated RPM at 110? Mine was tested at 3300 As stated by others cops can defect you for a leaf in your engine bay if they don't like you. Drive an import, you deal with it.