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  1. FS: Few parts and 16" wheels. S13/180/R33

  2. FS: Few parts and 16" wheels. S13/180/R33

    Hicas lock gone! Others still available.
  3. Hi all, Just have a few things for sale. gktech hicas lock bar. Suits - Nissan 180sx - Nissan S13 Silvia - Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T - Nissan Skyline R32 GTR $50 SOLD R33 skyline front upright and hubs. L+R $20 Single s13/180 Tie rod and end. Tie rod is unknown brand but beefy compared to standard one. Both ball joints in great condition. The other standard one is shagged but you can have it if you want. $20 180sx early model rear lights. $50ono s13/180sx driver side door card with electric window module and handle. $50 s13/180sx Driftworks adjustable tension brace new. $80 s13/180sx full brake setup - 4 calipers, hubs and discs. Discs are bit rusted from sitting oustide but still good. Recently resurfaced. $50 Set of 16" Enkei racing s rims. 16*7 +32 16*8 +38 4x114.3 They've got Bridgestone potenza re001's on them plenty of tread 205/55/16. $400 All parts are located in S.E. Melbourne. Sorry don't have time to post. Any inquiries please post here or pm me thanks =)
  4. 1991 Nissan 180sx

    hehehehe...nice car!! Purple tigerskin rocks!! yes yes having a gf makes it legit lol... definitely keen to see how it changes...
  5. Blown Head Gasket

    Take off your radiator cap and see if there is oil in your coolant.
  6. Front wheel bearing part numbers

    nice find....do you know if the s13 ones are interchangable with s14/15 ones?
  7. Trent...i've always wanted to know other peoples experience with adjust cam gears, will have mine adjusted on the dyno soon..... _omg.... thats an excellent idea with the rocker cover...makes it soo much quicker, bit of gaffa over the gap for the runs...easy as pie.....
  8. Identify this front lower control arm

    Stewert, you've got s14 brakes so I'm guessing you have 5 stud as well? the control arm you have is an S13 one. notice the ball joint is too short? the bolt does not go down enough for the split pin. if the 5 stud is done properly, you need s14 ball joints onto the s13 arms as they are long and bolts up with the split pin with the knuckle in place... or you can just run s14 arms, its got the ball joints you need and you get roughly 10mm increase in track for the front..
  9. Race Cat

    I thought Busky's reply was quite to the point? Race cat on public road = not legal Race cat on trac = legal If you want to be legal and have the performance, get a Metal cat... Much better flow than conventional ceramic cats...
  10. Aftermarket Sumps

    yeh...i got trust sump with whiteline bar...and got alot of room - they will never touch each other.. also disregard my first post...i was thinking about the trust vs tomei sump....not the arc... had the pics mixed up in my head haha...
  11. Aftermarket Sumps

    Dane, my trust one is the same height as stock...only wider sideways... ARC definitely looks a lil smaller in overall size, but havn't had one in front of me so can't comment on quality...then again all arc stuff are top knotch...same with trust =] Either one you will be happy with, but the trust one is quite a bit cheaper..
  12. Garrett GT2871R vs Greddy T67

    step 1 264 are smooth at idle....just depends on tune / engine mounts / idle rpm etc... step 2's would increase lump a lil... as orbitor said with the t67, 264 step 2's would be good compromise... if you go too small, sure it might help spool up but it will definitely choke power up high somewhat...
  13. Garrett GT2871R vs Greddy T67

    was that time on slicks? great time for the power..
  14. Brake Fluid.

    The one you don't want to use is Dot 5..... Dot 5.1 is good though... Also if you bought the 4 litre bottle of castrol response super dot 4...and it is the GREY bottle return it.. Castrol are doing a recall on them as they aren't even brake fluid lol.... the one you want is the 4 litre RED bottle...
  15. TD06S L2 20G & TD06S 20G ?

    Thanks Netrat.... sent you a pm also