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  1. D1GP Broadcast?

    Hi just wondering if there is any decent broadcast/videos of past D1GP or D1SL events, Ive only found a few good ones with english subs around 2011/2012. Are there any other ones for 2013 onwards? even if theres no english at all? Also wondering if theres any other japanese drift shows like JDM option, hot version etc. that are still running? Any help appreciated!
  2. please delete

    I'm not quite sure what you mean.. Here is the original thread when I signed up.. http://www.nissansil...l=&fromsearch=1 Here is a pic of the car now Thanks mate, appreciate it, I'll do that now
  3. please delete

    No longer for sale.
  4. Hey guys, finally got around to buying my first Nissan after wanting a 180 since I was a kid, It's great to be behind the wheel of a turbo again since selling my wrx 2 years ago. Buying this car is one of the best things I've ever done Here is a list of some of the mods Rebuild: - CP Forged pistons - ARC Engine Bearings - Eagle Rods - GKtech RAS kit - Balanced Crankshaft & Flywheel - Exedy 5 Button Heavy Duty Clutch - BC Heavy Duty Camshaft Springs Performance: - Front Mount Intercooler - Pod Air Filter - S15 T28 Ball Bearing turbo - Walbro 255L/min fuel pump - Full 3 inch turbo back exhaust with VAREX muffler Suspension & Handling: - HSD Fully Adjustable Coilovers - Aluminium Steering bush - Front lower strut brace - Front Whiteline Swaybar - Front polyurethane caster bushes - Ultra Racing Rear 4 point brace - Drift rear lower strut brace - Drift rear adjustable toe arms - Drift rear adjustable camber arms - Rear Whiteline Swaybar - Polyurethane rear subframe bushes - Front 17x8" +33 offset Rear 17x9" +41 offset Lenso Project D wheels Few other small things, turbo timer, s15 front seats, autometer boost gauge, r33 calipers Plans for it soon are a bigger turbo, power fc ecu, electronic boost controller. I look forward to being apart of the silva community
  5. Drift Games......

    That was awesome!
  6. If it was serious then yes, if not, then no.
  7. What headphone do you use?

    Fixed Fixed. Ps. I don't walk around with them on thinking im cool, they are only used in my studio for making/listening to music.
  8. New Parkway Drive Album Thoughts - Atlas

    Lovin it, huge fan of parkway, seen them 5 times live so far, I agree it is better than deep blue
  9. What headphone do you use?

    Beats by dre studios, I can't deny they are a bit over priced but they sound amazing, made me fall in love with music even more
  10. Can anyone recommend where I can take my 180 to get the road worthy done? just bought one from nsw so need to get it done soon, also I have a varex muffler would it pass if I just left it shut and took the remote, would they notice it?

    Looking for both window visors for 180sx
  12. COD: Black Ops 2

    Looks awesome, wanna play it heaps bad, dunno why I haven't gotten round to buying it yet :/
  13. I have most of these fitted to my newly bought 180, it has had a rebuild with forged pistons, balanced flywheel and crankshaft etc. im running a t28 as well at stock boost can anyone recommend what boost is safe to put it to if I get a greddy boost controller?
  14. another 180sx

    nice car man, how did you do your cluster like that? i want to do the same with mine, looks good
  15. This^^ Same with me, friend had a 180 when I was younger and I fell in love ever since, finally I got myself one.. less than a week ago haha Love the colour, its the same as my mates old one, but what a bargain!