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  1. Hi, I dont have Vertex or BN kit for S15 yet. I can get you CWest GT wide body $1800 full kit which includes front bar, side steps, front and rear wide guards. Trial S15 front bar $300, Side steps $280, Rear half bar $200. DRFT S15 front bar $550, Side steps $350, Rear bar $300.
  2. Price on BN S13 kit is front bar $300, side skirts $280, rear bar $300. Front bar have normal indicator holes. Shipping for full kit to Sydney is $200.
  3. Do you still have this on sale??? Very Interested!!! Any trouble fitting them??? Yes, I still have this C-west bodykit for sale. Please PM if u r interest in getting it, thanks.
  4. Sorry, I don't have pic of the 180SX side skirts. The front bar takes tear drop indicators.
  5. Price for wide panel front and rear is $1000. I don't have any in stock for u to inspect, I only get them in when there is an order.
  6. vertex 180SX front bar $300, veilside front bar $330. postage $80.
  7. BN and Vertex are same price, front bar $300, skirts $280.
  8. GT wide body S15 kit No stock available, need to order. If you want a set, I need you to pay me 10% deposit. There's no rear bar with this kit, use standard bar.
  9. C-West GT style full bodykit $1800 included front bar, side skirts, front and rear wide guards. Cash only. I don't have any bonnet for sale.
  10. No, I don't. As I only sell them to customers and they take the kit to their own panel beater to install. But I did posted some pictures of the actual kit in the early pages of this topic.
  11. Sorry, I don't have access to that kit.
  12. Hi, I only have aftermarket brand new side skirts.
  13. Thanks nostyle, if u ever need anything else just pm me.
  14. Don't have Vertex kit for S14, sorry.