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  1. tur_bat hello_i_say@hotmail.com
  2. thanks, oh and kez i already went to that site. it doesnt really help me as im trying to work out how much money they cost.
  3. Hi guys, Im from brisbane, anyone know the cost of a standard size pod filter by autobarns 'DRIFT' brand, (those blue coloured ones). Cheers for any help.
  4. Hoon Made An Example Of

    you *milkshakes* should learn not to f**king speed at all, good on the judge! so many wankers on the roads now days
  5. This site is good, might help get rid of all the animals on the road who try drag you and hassle you, tail gate and speed by and all this other disrespectful crap.
  6. Mates first car L plater

    looks nice, what you should do is remove the silver plastic cover in the middle of the rocker cover which says 'NISSAN TURBO INTERCOOLED' or some shit... The advantages of removing it is better heat dispersion from the spark plug area. Allows airflow rather then just an enclosed pocket of hot air that cant move.
  7. 180SX Rubbishbox

    rather then fitting the intercooler flush witht the frontbar, why dont you fabricate a piece of sheet metal underneath. so the air will be dirrected to the cooler

  9. i saved all the flow for my muther farken silvia, yo!
  10. My S15 with GTR wheels test fitted

    yeah looks rad, just do what escape said and take the caps off.
  11. Subaru Impreza WRX

    just buy one from australia homie
  12. a good quality 3" exhaust which you'll be able to use in future too
  13. supra or 300zx?

    they are both rather ugly cars.
  14. Brake Conversion

    that looks like a photochop effort.
  15. coilovers?

    if you're worried about defects sell your import, simple as that because i was always worrying about getting done cause i drove an modded s13 and eventually it just drove me nuts.