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  1. Brisbane Jamboree

    I was planning on running again this year in my ca18det silvia but have to take my daughter to the children's hospital in Sydney 2 days before the event. Was looking forward to bettering my pb of 11.7@ 127mph that i ran in 2013 at jamboree
  2. CA18DET SILVIA - 339rwkw @ 23psi on E85

    Ran at Jamboree on the weekend. Best of 11.7 @ 126mph with a 1.8second 60ft. We know it will run a low 11 if i can get the start right, as it use to run consistant 1.5 in the 60ft with 100rwkw less. Just need more practice
  3. CA18DET SILVIA - 339rwkw @ 23psi on E85

    Thanks mate, we are confident it is making about 350rwkw but could not tell as we encounted an issue with the dyno right at the end of tuning it. That being said to go any further we need bigger injectors as the 800cc injectors are basically maxxed out.
  4. CA18DET SILVIA - 339rwkw @ 23psi on E85

    Limiter is currently at 7500rpm but is getting lifted in the next few days to 8200rpm. This is where it use to be set at before the tune.
  5. CA18DET SILVIA - 339rwkw @ 23psi on E85

    I finally got my CA tuned. End up with official figure of 339rwkw @ 23psi on E85. We are confident it went over 350rwkw but had issues with the dyno so could not tell
  6. There is a rubber seal at the front and rear of the sump, then the rest of the sump uses sealant. To replace them you need to remove the sump. It is quite common that they leak even after they have been replaced. You need to use them and lots of sealant to stop the leak. In your case clean it down really well and use some sealant. Not ideal but worth a go, nothing to lose, otherwise the sump will need to come off to fix properly
  7. Thanks mate, we are very confident that it made just over 350rwkw but there was a fault with the dyno so we have no way of knowing for sure. The plan was to run about 25psi, that would have been the limit of our fuel system as we where close on 23psi. Hope fully everything goes to plan the next time i run at the drags and we can run a 10sec pass. I will try to get the dyno sheet up asap. just have to go back to the workshop where the dyno is and print it off
  8. The closest servo with E85 is about 120km away, but my brother inlaw goes that way for work a fair bit, so he is taking my drums and filling them for me. Plus i dont drive it on the road very often now, so i wont go through that much
  9. Got my CA18 tuned last week, Big thanks to Sam Cornell (Dr Drift) for flying up to Coffs Harbour to tune my car. I dont have the dyno sheet but will get it up asap. We ended up with 339rwkw @ 23psi on E85, We know it has a bit more in it and believe it went higher but the dyno broke.
  10. Definately run an S15 intercooler, they have been homoligated for use in S13's, and then run some sort of water sprayer on it to keep the inlet temps down
  11. When Sam (Dr drift) organised the turbo (about 2 years ago) we originally planned to use an 8cm, but had all sorts of issues getting the correct 8cm housing, 3 turned up with T67 8cm housings on td06 turbos. Then when we got a TD06 one it was 10cm. The company said thats all they could supply at the time as there was some sort of issue. After stuffing around for so long we just used this to get it running. With plans to change it later if not happy. Surprisingly its not as bad as i thought it woul be, full boost is at 4600rpm which should get better once the tune is to suit the setup. This was with the old tune (for a GT28RS that had full boost at 3400) so with some more timing low down it should help imrprove this As for E85, up here on the north coast of NSW we dont have easy access to it, no servo's with pump E85 so this would mean getting it in drums. To much stuffing aroun with frieght etc plus the price not worth it. When and if we get it at the pump we will change. for now we are going to use united boost 100, which is E10. also the car is still regoed and used as a daily to get tpo work a few times a week
  12. CA18 Cam timing thread

    Most likely the turbo although mine had peak power with the GT28RS at a relatively low 5900rpm. Lots of things it could be, the stainless manifold which flows better in the top end, the 60mm RB20 throttle body etc. Of interest with the new setup, turbo etc still running the same tune it has peak at 7400rpm (258rwkw) but is about 1100rpm laggier than before. Will do a full comparison of this when it gets tuned soon with the bigger injectors, see the differences in torque and power. Obviously will have more peak power but will be interesting to compare the response and mid range power. We may even adjust the cam timing a bit to see what that does with the bigger laggier turbo.
  13. CA18 Cam timing thread

    Yeah they are the same lift, CA18 inlet cams are only 7.8mm though
  14. CA18 Cam timing thread

    I am using the CA16DE inlet cam which has 8.5mm lift where as stock DET inlet is only 7.8mm so this is most likely the reason i got the top end gain.
  15. CA18 Torque Delivery

    The research was done by Dale aka d_stirls, they had a chipped ECU in his. The found with the software that they used for remapps that it could be changed. Definately the reason for the dip in torque. If you change the opening point it will improve this to an extent but my not get rid of it completly. Wit ha bigger turbo i think he found it needed to open later to help with the extra lag of the bigger turbo. If i still had them in mine i would experiment with it but mine where removed and the runners, manifold and head slightly ported and match ported