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  1. What happened to my post? I didn't get an answer, is Jenna up for some team exercises? Also, Avon is a glorified pyramid scheme.
  2. It's insane! They are tipping it to crack $100mil by the end of the year.
  3. I ended up signing up to this game about a month ago and have been playing it quite a bit since. I now have myself a Super Hornet and also a Vanguard (waiting for it to be hangar ready). I have joined an Australian organization called the Burned Renegades. They have a number of original backers in their midst who got in early on the trading market which has since been heavily suppressed by CIG. Before it got discouraged these guys were able to trade up to acquire 2 Idris frigates, 3 Retaliator heavy bombers, a stack of Super Hornets, a few Gladiators as well as many other ships. When this game releases they are going to need lots of crew members for their ships or escort fighters if you have your own. PM me if you want to join. I have been practicing in the Arena Commander module. My controller of choice is a joystick in my left hand and mouse in my right. I fly with the stick and aim with the mouse, took some practice but the extra maneuverability and aiming arc is well worth it. Anybody else getting into Arena Commander?
  4. Nobody is saying you should redline your car straight out of the driveway. Simply taking it easy until your engine has warmed up is all you need to do. Not usually from idling? More from incorrect AFR's and too much fuel in the cylinder not burning? Might not happen as much in a hot engine because the walls are too warm and the fuel vaporises upon impact, but if it's bypassing the rings, you've probably got some issues elsewhere. Having said that, you're right that people should avoid excessive idling. Car engines aren't designed for that. Piston rings are not a perfect seal, unburnt fuel vapour can make it past and condense on the other side. Many engines will run quite rich on a cold start. The fuel smell my stock V36 makes when i first start it up is enough to make you high.
  5. As previously said, just drive off. Take it easy until the temp gauge is at or close to running temp. Excessive idling can cause petrol to run down the sides of the cylinder and mix with your motor oil.
  6. Jeremy Clarkson suspended

    The main thing I will miss about Clarkson is his open, unapologetic and absolute contempt for popular opinion. Nothing satisfies me more than to see all the hipsters and soccer mums have a bitch about something Clarkson said, only for him to be let off with a slap on the wrist. The social media tizzy that would result from Clarkson returning to Top Gear once again would be the main reason I want to see him come back. I am so sick of these self righteous social justice warriors (who have never watched the show to begin with) constantly trying to bludgeon media companies to bend in favor of their naive, beige, playschool, 'participation award' world view. People with the gall to give those pansies the finger are a rare gift to the world.
  7. Jeremy Clarkson suspended

    As previously said, i find Top Gear to be tedious these days, havent watched an ep for a while. In any case, people still watch it, and the day Clarkson leaves the set for good is the day Top Gear stops filming. Love him or hate him, Jeremy Clarkson IS Top Gear.
  8. I'm with Gaz, on this one. Your intake could be collapsing. Change the pipe that runs from your filter to your turbo. The heat and suction generated by a modded SR20 is usually quite sufficient to cause the plastic intake to soften and collapse.
  9. It's good to hear they looked after you. I havent had to make a claim with NRMA yet but it is nice to know they are good if the time ever comes. I found the attitude i got from NRMA when i inquired about insurance was remarkably different from the others. Rather than "sorry we dont insure that type of car" or "we will offer you the privelige of being insured by us but at a price" NRMA was more like "sure, we would be happy to offer you our services!". It may seem small to some, but to me it means a lot to know they treat me like a customer and not an inconvenience.
  10. Junkie, did you get a quote from NRMA to insure your V35? They seem to have a soft spot for the V series Skylines.
  11. There are many factors at play here, all of them interacting with each other. People forget that first and foremost a civilization must exist in the minds of its people. You cannot (nor should you) easily change the mind of an individual. That person must believe that the current ruler of the country deserves to be there. Ask any citizen of a european civilization why their leader is their leader and they will tell you something about a monarchy or a democratic system that needed a monarchy to get it started. The other way to create a nation is through religion. Israel and Palestine both existed in the minds of people long before they were drawn on a map. Africa is as unstable as it is because of European interferance, but that is not the full story. Many will question the chances of African nations developing into anything significant without European intervention. We will never know for sure now, but here is what we do know: For a civilization to develop and advance it needs trade, lots of it. When you have lots of people moving around and interacting with each other, usually motivated by profit from exchange of goods, you also get inevitable exchange of ideas. In Europe this exchange started with the mediterranian then spread across the whole European continent. The only reason it was able to spread like this is geographical. Because Europe spans east west, the climate does not change all that significantly as you travel across it, allowing for free movement of primitive people with little need for a change in equipment or knowledge. Africa spans north to south, meaning an individual that wants to span the continent will need to acquire different equipment and skills to proceed as the climate changes. The geographical barriers have an enormous effect on cultural and technological advances over generations because it forces everybody to keep to themselves. Ideas do not spread which prevents them from developing. This brings us to the colonial periods of the 18th and 19th century. European nations have gained a significant lead on African people both socially and technologically. Through self serving motivations they use these advantages to conquer and exploit these people for their land and resources. In the process of doing this they completely destroy any budding monarchy or other ruling entity of just about every nation in Africa. The people are now told they serve the monarchy of the nation who conquered them, which works fine so long as that nation keeps their guns trained on the conquered people. Next comes the 20th century. Political and logistical factors come into play that quickly render colonies unviable. The worst of these factors being that the conquered people start to learn about democracy and revolution. The European nations high tail it out of Africa and leave behind a people with no idea how to self govern. Think about this for a minute. Imagine if tomorrow our whole government is dismantled and we are held captive by a ruling entity until the only Australians alive are those who grew up under this rule and have no knowledge of the previous government. Now suddenly take that control away and wait for these people to form a stable and efficient government. The only thing that keeps government officials honest is a pre-established system of accountability that is in turn enforced by people who are subject to the same system. Without the people you have no system, without the system you don't have honest people. How do you form a system that produces its own prerequisites? European nations formed democracy under the instruction of an incumbent monarchy which was formed over thousands of years of tribal warfare eventually producing a small number of victorious sovreigns. So in colclusion to my ramble. African nations developed slowly due to geographical restrictions, resulting in them being overthrown by tyrannical European colonists. These colonists removed any trace of the previous government, and with it thousands of years of history that would demonstrate to the people that persons right to rule. The colonies are then dismantled and the people are left to rule themselves. No single person now posesses any claim to the top job so it must be taken by force, which does nothing to win the people over and cement that government in their minds as the rightful leader. The system of government is formed around the people who run it, and so the self perpetuating wheel of accountability never gets turning. The end result is a shaky system of government where everybody involved is only motivated by their own self interests, causing corruption to run wild and the people to regularly become disollusioned with the present government fuelling revolution. You need stability to make history, and you need history to have stability. Africa has neither. I focused a lot on Africa, but this concept also applies to America for the most part, but the outcomes are a little different due to colonization actually resulting in nations forming.
  12. I got a 3rd party fire and theft policy with GIO for my 180sx back in 2003 and kept it until i sold my 180sx in 2012. Made 1 claim for a minor rear ender (my fault), the policy paid out with no questions. I have had my V36 for about 18 months and i have had it insured comprehensively with NRMA. Most of the other insurers would not touch me because there was no listing for a 2009 V36 Sedan on their system. Just car was way too expensive but NRMA looked after me because they see no crash history for a particular model of car (and in turn, no stats to base their insurance on) as a good thing. No claims yet (touch wood) but they have been good to deal with so far. One of the few benefits of being over 25
  13. 21st Feb Livo KK's car meet

    I saw a pretty big WRX cruise take up half a floor in the Warwick Farm train station multi level carpark last night. Actually not a bad idea now that i think about it. The whole carpark has very bright lighting, CCTV everywhere and is all but empty by 8pm.
  14. Train horns!

    You normally only see these things installed on 4WD's due to the space needed for the air compressor. I often see them tapped into existing compressors from airbag systems. As mentioned already, there won't be many times that you can use it and not risk causing an accident.
  15. Turbo Laws NSW-s15s

    The people in that age bracket did nothing different on the road to anybody before them. The only change was TT and ACA pushing report after bogus report about 'hoons' that got our geriatric voter base in a tizzy and compelled the state government to introduce more knee-jerk and laughably ineffective laws.