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  1. The 180 that just wont die (kind of)

    Been a long time but will update soon, almost done
  2. The 180 that just wont die (kind of)

    Cheers guys, was the plan originally to go 2j but then I realised I'm poor. Who knows, might be on the cards later on down the track. For now SR<3 gotta try save for japaan
  3. Your shell looks ohh soo much like mine did shame about the s15 man, but we all learn. Keep us up to date
  4. The 180 that just wont die (kind of)

    okayyy, you f**kers didn’t guess so I’m just going to tell.. i got xd9s now i know these rims have been done ohh so many times before, but they seemed to fit the bill, ended up getting 18/10 +18 all round (yeaaaah scrubbing issues haha) Waited the required 8 weeks for the rims to come in and funk me it was worth the wait.. Yes ill admit I’m fairly easily impressed, but I really like these things, still cast shit, but sexy cast shit sat my brides in... Although I am yet to acquire rails, so yes they are a bit lop sided in pics haha (won’t be putting these in for a bit as need roadworthy and mod certs/engineering first) did some general fitting, unfitting, you know the ushh.. take note that in none of the pics does the kit/bonnet or quarters have any bolts/fasteners hooding them on (yup, I’m just that good) so fitment looks dodgy in some. Painted my rocket cover and shit took my turbo off Td06 <3 just caz i can, put a pro carbon in my mates s15, not a bad clutch (fairly stock power) ohh yeah, did driveway skid (essential) Ill try not to be lazy and post up pics of not too far from finished soon Stay tuned
  5. The 180 that just wont die (kind of)

    Was happy with how it was all looking, so got into spraying the body with the intentions of spraying the kit later. All was good until right at the end after 5 coats of clear i leant over to get some thinners and bumped the garage button.. All f*%king hell broke loose as i tried to keep the falling plastic from landing on as much as possible.. casualties ended up being pass door, drivers guard and the tail gate but to a lesser extent. Mannn i was pissed, learn from my mistake.. Disconnect the F@$KING power to garage door!! Stopped having a cry for long enough to do some sanding and try to rectify the problem. Took some effort but got there in the end, damage on the door was substantial as the door was up against the garage door when it opened. Ended up flipping off smashing the window and then rolling around in the glass, panel down (did i mention i love my life?) Purchased a decent dry cell, some suspension bits (cheers gkteck) apart from i was stupid enough not to research and got s15 castor arms.. i needed s13 ones, so if anyone wants some s15 gkteck castor arms (one untouched one just opened) let me know Looked for wheels.. couldnt justify spending nearly as much on rotas or the likes when i could get something jap made for little bit more. Found some courtesy of import monster who can guess what they are? Got some brides.. ohh and a nardi, mate got some new plate, some special edition 2x2 things, so i had a look and found these.. haha. Looked into a cage, but for the time being it wont be needed (bugets a bit tight atm) Also decided against the standard front bar with lip, just wasnt going to be enough to match the rest of the kit so sourced a virtex s15 front bar, primmed it all up, had it ready for paint and then pretty much dropped the car on it (the door) cracked throught the top so i busted out the fg. Started the tedious job of sanding the kit and found a few air bubbles in my primmer.. sorted them out, primed it all and then one particular bubble on the rear bar decidede to make an appearance again. Continue this trend another 3 times, i said some sware words and ended up using can primmer on that patch. f**k you bubble! Sprayed up all the kit.. I want to skid this thing again already!!!
  6. The 180 that just wont die (kind of)

    Not so much a confidence thing, it was more the amount of material I had to remove, and the fact that fitting the core took half the amount of time. Spot-weld cutting bit is the bomb. Not referring to you at all man, s15 core support is the proper way to do it hands down. Next thing was to get get rid of the body line, get everything primed and pick a colour (easier said than done) Primed it all up and then changed my mind about colour 10 times (haha, think i might have done a few peoples heads in) Ended up going with kia santorino blue with black roof, its a nice dark blue, but still has a bit of pop to it. Only thing i would have changed was going with a black base for everything (i used white primmer) but what can you do. Painted the bay, then thought i better do something about the guards as they looked really out of whack with the fronts having the standad lip. Bought a guard roller and got to work. While i was at it figured i would shave the aerial and boot wiper. I should have really figured out what spec wheels i was going to buy at this point but guess work normally works fairly well for me. Figured id be running somewhere around 18/10 +15 so went with that. Got it all primed and found a couple bits i missed so reprime it is. Got sick of seeing the engine out so chucked that in, got it running and driving sr <3 Sprayed the interior white and the roof black, happy as with how it all came out (first re-spray) That’s enough from me tonight, will update soon with a few new bits I’ve acquired and pics of body sprayed
  7. The 180 that just wont die (kind of)

    Jonno I did do metal work at school but that was a few years ago now. Maybe try on a few other scrap guards first as its fairly easy to blow through with a gasless mig like I used. Really, I should have done this too bit I'm impatient. Cheers pmod, only reason I could get it to fit is I've done it before on my previous widebody.. learnt from my mistakes, so not a bad idea at all to get s15 support for people not confident.. As I said man, I'm a little impatient.
  8. Your car really is on a whole nother level man, wish I had the time and your skills. Keep up the good work, always loved this thing
  9. The 180 that just wont die (kind of)

    Cheers man, after i did these i had enough confidence to do everything myself... Def a labour of love. Alright so it’s a little late but I came back, so that’s got to count for something. This post is only for anyone looking into doing the s15 front end. I know its boring.. I had to write it, but I figured it might just help a few people out. I want to stress that I have never had welding or panel beating experience and the way i went about it is probably pretty stupid..? No doubt i did it in the wrong order, but In the end i think they came out pretty damn well (would probably help if i could actually weld) This should only be used as a rough guide if at all. Soo lets do this. The first thing you want to get on the car is the bonnet. You obviously want to get the bonnet central as this is what the rest of the front lines up off. From the info I found s15 hinges fit up but only one of the bolt lines up? Didn’t like the sound of that (have had a bonnet come up on the highway and the hinges bend badly enough with both bolts) aandd everyone said you CANT use the 180 hinges. Well I don’t like people telling me I can’t do something.. so I drilled a new hole, welded on thread underneath and welded both sides of the hinge once I was happy with alignment. I don’t suggest this way but it did the trick for me. Also, the 180sx bonnet latch/catch works perfect in my case. Lights are next, I used s13 headlight supports/uprights, 180 ones won’t work and I had some lying around. You’ll need to cut the front section on the rad support out to fit the s15 h/l’s, remember cut less, if it doesn’t fit it’s easy enough to cut a little more (will put up pics of where cut when I post painted engine bay shots) Both top corners of the rad support need to be knocked in a tiny bit, this is so the headlight doesn’t hit, s15 lights curl around the front so to speak. Better off fitting, seeing where it hits, then going from there. Use the bonnet to line everything up and then screw the h/l mount to the h/l support, as well as drilling a hole in the top of the rad support for the top mount of the h/l. Washers can be used as temp spacers if needed. The guards were by far the hardest/most time consuming part on the whole car. If you’re not willing to put MANY MANY hours into them, fitting, refitting, refitting, then a couple more times for good measure, then they’re not for you. It’s something you don’t want to half ass (might as well buy fg conv guards) A lot of the processes are a little too hard to explain, but I think the pics will tell a lot of the story. The only part of the 180 guard you need is the back and lower back section that mounts the body so you can retain all factory mounting points. I decided to cut them both down in step, as I said before, you can always cut more, it’s a lot harder to put it back in this case. I used the lower body line on the 180 guard for my point to put on the s15 guard (horizontally) as I wanted to keep the standard s15 indicator to make sure it easier for mod plating. You can see in the pics where I cut up the guard (vertically). Main important thing here is you want to leave an overlap on the s15 guard so it sits over the 180 guard so you’ve got something to weld on both front and back. This is the time consuming bit, getting shit to line up properly! I lined up the top of the guard perfect and put three reference points from the guard to the bonnet to make sure fitment was as good as I could achieve (panel gaps make baby Jesus cry) You want to mount the 180 section to the body and go for broke. I used three pairs of locking pliers and a g clamp with a spacer. Once happy with everything mark it, take it off and grind all surfaces to be welded. This is not essential but I used at tiny bit of 3m? I think wide body glue in between the two panels, not much at all as you don’t want this messing with your welds. Now put together, line up, then tack/weld making sure to not put too much heat into it, that will warp the F#@k out of everything. Take it off and weld the inside edge. Once I was done I ground the top off the welds (only caz I got bird shit welds haha) then etch primed and seam sealed the inside lip. The rest is self-explanatory really.. oh i forgot, underneath on the s15 guard at the back where the right angle is for your bonnet you need to make a cut so the guard doesnt sit so high (look at pics) this was later welded. Now that took me ages, so someone better appreciate this post!! As you can probably tell by the layout I’m clearly computer illiterate, so sorry that it’s a bit hard to read/understand (it is 1am) Night kids Stay tuned
  10. The 180 that just wont die (kind of)

    What, johno said.. each to their own, I like it and that's what matters. Tune in later on tonight and ill show you man, plenty more updates to come
  11. The 180 that just wont die (kind of)

    Trial fitted everything on and was happy enough with the general shape of things (yes that is boxes holding my kit on) but still something didnt look right.. Put it down to the fact the front bar was still standard and continued on my way. Primmed the body and got to work on the conversion guards. Ended up figuring out what it was, the side skirt no longer suited the car as the fronts alot rounder. So i purchased some gp sports rear bar/ side skits, still content with running a dc2 lip on the standard front bar. More tomorrow night
  12. The 180 that just wont die (kind of)

    Long story short one night i had a massive fight with my best mate, couldnt walk, punched on, had to leave, dicided i was ken block.. mountain run.. third gear.. guard rail.. you get the story. YUP im one of those dickheads.. we all learn and i learnt the hard way. Luckily enough i had purchased an r32 of a mate 2 weeks earlier for a rather rediculous price so put it down to my being a cock and got the 32 on the road. Never really liked this thing.. its nice enough, it pretty damn clean just doesnt feel right driving it, good daily but. Still had the old 180 shell out the back which i had sold alot of the parts off, but didnt want to use it as it had the 50mm widebody moulded on the back. So i got onto looking and found a silver 180 shell up in bris, picked it up that night and got onto reshelling my crashed 180. Got the engine bay primmed and stone guarded all the wheel wels ready to spray the bay and fit up the engine. This was only ever meant to be a throw together thing.. yeah, i kind of got a bit picky Fitted up the kit and bonnet and all was well, even had a good go at fixing my front bar hahah.. i was quite happy.. until i came across an add for a complete s15 front end for an unbelievable price. So i had to. Always hated the fitment and ripple assosiated with fg conversion guards so figured i might as well do it right.. Everything up until this point had been done by myslef but i figured the front end was going to be far too hard for me so went to get a couple of quotes.. 1800 and 1400 where the prices i got! That was just to cut and shut the front guards (i was supplying both pairs of 180 and s15 guards) what a joke!! So i thought for a while.. and figured Funk it, ill try it myself. Searched for many many hours for information on the conversion, yet there really isnt much around?? (correct me if im wrong). Ended up finding some useful info on nico.com and set about getting shit done.
  13. The 180 that just wont die (kind of)

    My life was complete i was now the owner of a 192kw 180. LOVED this thing (still do) as it opened a whole new world and was a completely different driving expereince. The paint was always a bit rough but it had coilover (d2 pieces of chat), disco potato, 550cc inj, an ems computer so it was a fairly good base to start with. Got myself an s13 shell to put together for dorii, it never got done lol 2 years, 3 turbos, few more skids, many front bar repairs and about 2 bottom ends later, i then decided it was time for respray. Primmed it all up and was deciding on a colour wheeenn..
  14. Ladies and gentlemen, Let me introduce myself. My names Riory and i sort of have a thing for 180s This is a bit of a tale of how that love came about, if you’re not competent at reading or simply just cbf, have a little scroll through.. Soon to be lots of pretty pictures Ok guys, I’m tired as funk but have wanted to get a build thread up for a long long while, if not for anything else just for some inspiration. Excuse my grammar/spelling I’m a little bit retarded/sleepy. So it started many, many years ago.. Well about 10 to be precise.. One day i ventured out to a friends house, not aware that my life would be totally flipped upside down that afternoon (que dramatic music). He wanted me to watch some Japanese video but he said it had cars so i was keen. Now i think we can all guess where this is going.. It was a real dodgy looking homemade style drift video through the mountains of Japan.. It blew my funking mind, i had to have one!! So Couple Years go by, and about 6 months before i got my license i found a 94 model 180sx shell that i convinced myself i had to have (build it up in 6 months and drive it for my first car) Now this thing was pretty rough, the guy i bought it off actually owned a goat.. now this thing was an angry motherfunker.. dead set tried to eat my foot, but that’s a whole nother story. This "goat" decided one day to kick ever single panel in on the car. Haha must have been sexually frustrated (we’ve all been there) No biggy, get some more doors and good excuse for wide body. Always loved the s15 front on a 180 (8 years ago there werent many getting around) so decided to try that out for size. Ordered a full kit, along with fg conversion guards and set out finding the parts needed. Looking back at it now, all i can say is good intentions will get you NOWHERE! Bought a vlt in the mean time so i could actually drive. This thing was a good rig! So many bad things get said about vl's (most that i agree with) but.. i got to admit, this car was a hell of a lot of fun. I know, the colours a bit out there, but it kind of suited it.. Got to remember this was 7 years ago lol original bt1 vlt (5 speed x cop) with high flowed turbo. Did some skids, blew some diffs, had many good times. Drove this thing for a fair while while the 180 sat there craving affection. Time came to get rid of the boat and a decent swap came up for another 180 It was auto and not driving at the time as the box was rooted, but it had some good parts and i saw some potential. Within an hour i had a tow truck there to pick it up, got it home by 2pm and had it driving with a 5 speed box by 3.30 haha.